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Top 5 Netflix Shows to Watch This Summer

Top 5 Netflix Shows to Watch This Summer

Netflix, the widely used online streaming service, releases content every month. Be it a crime drama, a docuseries, or even a little dark comedy, Netflix is sure to offer something for everyone.

This month is no exception either, with new releases coming in every other day. There are many anticipated releases coming up. Here are just some of the newly released best Netflix shows that may be worth your time.

1. The Pentaverate

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The Pentaverate, created by Mike Myers, came to Netflix on May 5th. This Netflix miniseries is based on a conspiracy theory mentioned in Myers’ 1993 movie, So I Married an Axe Murderer. In the 1993 movie, Myers’ portrayed the character of Stuart. Stuart had an infamous conspiracy theory about the Pentaverate i.e. a group of five people who secretly run the world. Now, almost 30 years later, Myers has revisited that concept to create an elaborate version of the theory in the form of a series for Netflix.

Similar to the 1993 movie, this comedy series stars Myers himself playing a dozen characters. The story follows Ken Scarborough, also played by Myers, a Canadian journalist who discovers the conspiracy theory and is out to prove it. This Netflix show also stars actors like Keegan-Michael Key, Ken Jeong, and Debi Mazar, with Jeremy Irons narrating the series.

2. Meltdown: Three Mile Island

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This incident took place at a nuclear-generating plant, just south of the state capital, Harrisburg. Now, almost 40 years later, Three Mile Island provides a way for the younger generation to be able to know about one of the biggest nuclear tragedies in America. This is one of the best Netflix shows out there to watch.

3. Wild Babies

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A cute Netflix nature docuseries that is sure to be the highlight of your day! Wild Babies is an 8 – part series created by Stephen Dunleavy and Charlotte Crosse and narrated by Helena Bonham Carter. It follows the early lives of infant versions of wildlife animals. The initial few months of how they learn to live independently of their mothers while also being under threat from predators. This Netflix docuseries gives you an insight into the lives of 17 animal species across 16 different countries.

These animal species include lions, penguins, monkeys, grizzly bears, elephants, dolphins, and many more. Wild Babies provides the perfect setting for when you have had a long day and just want to unwind, providing a much-needed escape from the complexities of the real world. Additionally, it is also a perfect watch for those parents trying to teach their children about animals.

4. The Lincoln Lawyer

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This Netflix series by David E Kelly came out on May 13th. The Lincoln Lawyer follows the life of Mickey Haller, a character first introduced in a 2005 novel, of the same name, by Michael Connelly which was then made into a movie in 2011 starring Matthew McConaughey. This Netflix legal drama is based on another one of Connelly’s best sellers, the Brass Verdict. Following Mickey Haller, an idealistic and charming lawyer, running practice out of his Lincoln car all over Los Angeles.

This Netflix show will follow Haller resuming his legal practice after a year-long hiatus due to an accident. The series focuses on Haller taking on a murder trial whilst simultaneously trying to mend his relationship with his estranged daughter and his ex-wife. The Lincoln Lawyer stars Manuel Garcia-Rulfo playing the role of Haller, alongside him star actors like Neve Campbell and Christopher Gorham.

5. Clark

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This Netflix limited series, starring Bill Skarsgård, follows the life of Clark Olofsson also named Sweden’s first ‘celebrity gangster’. Clark first grew popular after a robbery that happened in Sweden in 1973. This robbery led to the term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. Olofsson was named the inspiration behind said term as he fooled Sweden into falling in love with him despite his criminal activities. This Swedish series by Jonas Åkerlund narrates Olofsson’s story from his perspective which makes the series more interesting to watch.

The series follows Clark, a charismatic criminal, who commits various crimes, serves prison sentences, and is on the run. Moreover, it also provides an insight into Olofsson’s early life and gives him some background as to who he was and what exactly led him to become the person he did. While this series is mostly fictional, bits and pieces of it have come from Olofsson’s autobiography. If you’re looking for interesting Netflix shows to watch, this should be on your list.

Bonus: 42 Days of Darkness

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This Chilean crime drama, now streaming on Netflix, is loosely based on the true story of a woman named Viviana Haeger. In 2010, Viviana Haeger disappeared from her house and was found dead 42 days later. Being the first-ever original Chilean Netflix series, 42 Days of Darkness follows how Cecelia’s life changes after her sister, Veronica’s disappearance. Veronica is seen as a dedicated mother and a caring sister. However, her marriage seems to be on the rocky side. With Veronica’s disappearance, the local police find an opportunity to work on a murder case that was not exactly a common occurrence in their area.

Similarly, a struggling lawyer uses this opportunity to grow his career. This Chilean series shows how a tense sister, confused children, estranged husband, fame-hungry lawyers, and local police looking for an opportunity, to work to find out the truth about Veronica’s disappearance. This is easily one of the best Netflix shows to watch if you’re in the mood for a thriller.