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TMZ releases video of Bryce Hall’s brawl with restaurant staff

Bryce Hall, the famous tiktoker turned YouTuber, will never stay out of headlines this way. The apparently calm person during his dinner dates with Addison Rae, turns into a fight machine when he is out with the boys. That’s what the internet is talking about since the time TMZ released his latest brawl video with a restaurant’s staff. His previous fight broke out when he was taking a stand for his friend. But this one seemingly involves vaping.

Why was Bryce Hall beating restaurant staff?

Bryce Hall was out for a lunch with his friends when the fight broke out. Due to the video being recorded from afar, it is unclear who started the fight first. However, you can clearly identify one of the parties fighting as Bryce Hall. In the video, you can also hear a woman asking Bryce to get the f*ck out of there, and he tells her “goodbye, Karen” in return.

As TMZ reports, Bryce Hall was at a Cinco Mexican restaurant near LAX, when the fight broke out at the outdoor patio. TMZ sources claim that Bryce and his friends were there for a bite before playing golf at a nearby course. Bryce Hall started to vape, and a server asked him to stop smoking at the patio.

Bryce, being Bryce, did not take that well even though smoking vape at restaurants is illegal in LA. But Bryce did not stop it. Instead, he allegedly blew out smoke on the server’s face to taunt him. Following the incident, they were asked to leave by the restaurant and the check was given to them. A server took his credit card inside to clear the bill, and the brawl started at the patio. Some claim it was Bryce Hall who threw the first punch.

His statement

Bryce Hall confirmed that he was not being rude to anyone even when the manager asked them to leave. However, when he asked for his credit card 10 times, he was asked to “get the f*ck off the property” without his credit card. The manager dragged him away and he only had the manager in a headlock to defend one of his friends. In response, the manager kicked him in the sack.

One of the restaurant staff members claims that he suffered a bruised face and a potentially broken hand. He also identified Bryce as the one who hit him. While Bryce and the friends already left the restaurant before the cops arrived, you can expect an explanation from Bryce hall with video proofs of his own.