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TimTheTatMan Finally Wins on Fall Guys and Trends on Twitter

The gaming streaming platform Twitch is currently finding itself obsessed with a new craze: Fall Guys. It’s this new addictive game that almost everyone on Twitch is playing. However, TimTheTatMan was failing to win in Fall Guys. And can you believe it? The game Fall Guys dragged the hell out of TimTheTatMan on Twitter because he could not get one single victory. But. TimTheTatMan has finally emerged victorious!

TimTheTatMan finally wins and people exclaim ‘HE DID IT’!

You’re supposed to get a crown in order to get a win in ‘Fall Guys’ and TimTheTatMan was roasted relentlessly because he was unable to do so for a long time. But he finally did it and Fall Guys Twitter account was one of the first to congratulate him:

As a reward, the Fall Guys account followed TimTheTatMan on Twitter!

People went absolutely wild over this as ‘HE FINALLY DID IT’ trends on Twitter in the US:

A producer of ‘The Try Channel’ Colin Regan was also sharing the happy news:

Overall people online were just happy they were there to witness the exact moment it happened:

Even Twitch itself was there to mark this memorable occasion.

That’s not all. Even ESPN, the biggest sports channel was there to say ‘HE DID IT’:

TimTheTatMan must be over the moon. Especially considering the savage roasting he had to go through by the hands of the Fall Guys account!

The roasting by Fall Guys was absolutely genius

The main thing to know here is that TimTheTatMan was popular for being a big Twitch streamer and he was a great player in multiple games. But for some reason or the other, he just could not get a victory in the game Fall Guys. That led to a lot of people making some lighthearted jokes about it online.

But then the official Twitter account of Fall Guys came in and was completely brutal with their roasting.

It all started when FaZe Clan tweeted this:

Fall Guys responded with this:

At this, TimTheTatMan was surprised he got called out like this. He responded to the tweet saying ‘holy sh*t’. And it didn’t just end there. Oh no.

There was more.

At that point, Tim had 0 crowns. 0. The tweet by Fall Guys was surely hurtful!

And then this happened:

But Tim responded this time, hilariously asking Fall Guys to ‘meet him in the gulag’:

Then Fall Guys account realized they were being a bit cruel. So, they eased down a bit:

They “eased” down by stating that TimTheTatMan isn’t the worst ranking player in the game. His position actually comes in second last. And the last place is actually a developer account. Ouch!

Then the Fall Guys felt so bad that the account even offered to give Tim the crown. They said their developers would play and Tim can pretend he’s playing that winning game:

Tim is a man of integrity. He didn’t take that offer but he did demand something else:

And finally, Tim has won the game and gotten himself a crown. He finally did it!

A happy ending to a hilarious Twitter “feud”.