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TikTok star Addison Rae reveals why she was fired from UFC

Addison Rae got a job as a journalist at UFC. She revealed the news on Twitter, but then because of Twitter's outrage, she got fired.

TikTok star and actress Addison Rae tweeted that she was fired from UFC because of Twitter’s outrage. Before this tweet, she posted a picture of her in front of UFC’s red carpet banner, revealing that she got a journalism job at UFC. However, critics thought she got the job because she is a social media celebrity and not because of her talent.

TikTok star Addison Rae reveals why she was fired from UFC

It started with Addison posting about her new ‘gig’. She tweeted that she got a job as a journalist at UFC while posting some pictures of her in front of the UFC’s red carpet banner holding a mic. In the caption, she wrote that she studied broadcast journalism in college for “3 whole months to prepare for this moment”. It can be seen that she is very happy that she got this job, but Twitter users had something else to say. People criticized Addison for getting the job that other people go to school for years to earn. Many people said that she got the job because of her social media influence and not her actual journalistic skills.

What do people have to say about this?

People said that Addison was just handed the job and she did not do anything to deserve it.

Many people implied that people who spend 4 years in college won’t get a job like her because they aren’t social media famous and that’s not right. Tyler Layne said that he is happy for her but it’s not fair to other people who spend 4 years in college studying journalism.

Many people thought that this was a classist thing as well, but Addison Rae had some supporters as well. Javonti Thomas who is a news anchor said that the outrage is unnecessary and there’s nothing wrong with someone getting a shot at something new. Dave, who is a content creator also supported Addison. He said that she’s there for publicity and people should not be mad at her.

Many people also criticized Dave for this comment. Looks like all the outrage wasn’t good for Rae’s career and that is exactly what happened.

Twitter got Addison Rae fired?

Addison posted on her Twitter account that she got fired because of the people. She said in the quote:

Surprisingly, people in her comments were very kind to her because she lost her job. Feels like looking at the duality of man, right? What do you think of this ordeal? Let us know in the comments below.