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Addison Rae was exposed for talking to Donald Trump by the NELK Boys

Addison Rae was exposed for talking to Donald Trump by the NELK Boys

Addison Rae was exposed for talking to Donald Trump by the NELK Boys at UFC. Addison said hi to Donald and told him it was nice to meet him.

Addison Rae has always been the talk of social media because she is always up to something. This time she is being exposed by the NELK Boys for approaching and talking to Donald Trump at UFC 264.

Every day Addison manages to become the center of attention. This time, she was seen talking to Donald Trump and NELK Boys did not fail to report it on YouTube. Remember her Tweet where she is seen in front of UFC’s red-carpet banner holding a mic? She was implying that UFC hired her as a reporter for the franchise. However, people criticized her for this because they thought that there are people out there who deserve this job more than her. Then, she tweeted that because of Twitter users she got fired. Well, looks like when she went to UFC 264, she was doing more than just reporting. NELK Boys posted a video in which Addison is seen talking to Donald Trump at the Ultimate Fighting Championship!

Addison Rae was seen talking to Donald Trump, and Twitter was not happy

Addison Rae was exposed for talking to Donald Trump by the NELK Boys

NELK Boys talked to Donald Trump and right after that, they saw that Addison herself was talking to the former President of the United States. In the video, Addison can be clearly seen personally greeting Trump and tells him that it’s nice to meet him. As expected, the video is also aptly titled ‘Addison Rae Says Hi To Donald Trump! (Trump Wheels Birds)’. Many of the NELK Boys made rude comments about Addison approaching Trump.

However, people on social media weren’t as surprised to see Addison talking to Trump because they thought that both of them are actually quite similar. Many Twitter users bashed Addison and Trump in their tweets incessantly. One user said that it makes sense that the two are talking to each other as Addison steams from black creators and the other is white supremacists:

Since Addison is big on TikTok and that was the platform that gave her unprecedented popularity, people tried to remind her that Donald banned TikTok once.

Many of the people were surprised that Addison could just go up to him and talk because there should be some security reasons. That was not the case, as Addison just casually went to Trump and talked to him like it was nothing. It’s a bit unusual since Former US Presidents get a secret service detail that provides them security for the rest of their lives. Therefore, it was a bit strange to see Addison just walk up to him.

So, what do you make of this casual meetup between Addison Rae and Trump? Let us know in the comments below.