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Thomas Shelby's possible love interest in Peaky Blinders season 6

Thomas Shelby’s possible love interest in Peaky Blinders season 6

Despite the dark and gloomy end to Peaky Blinders season five, season six is happening! Season five showed us extreme lows such as Alfie Solomans making his comeback, gut-punching lows such as killing Aberama Gold and everything in between.

But it is time to move on and see what the mastermind behind Peaky Blinders, Steven Knight, has in store for us in season six. The question arising in every fan’s mind at this point is who will feature as Thomas Shelby’s, played by Cillian Murphy, possible love interest in the upcoming season.

Tommy’s possible love interest in season 6

The official cast for Peaky Blinders sixth installment has not been confirmed as of yet, but it is possible that Annabelle Wallis might reprise her role as Grace Burgess. Keeping in mind the cliffhanger at the end of season five.

Following his failed plan of Oswald Mosley’s, played by Sam Claflin, assassination. A shattered Tommy marched into the fog at the end of Peaky Blinders season five.

Tommy had visions of his late wife, Grace Shelby, throughout the series. Which could be a hint of Annabelle Wallis returning to the series.

Another big clue of the role returning was when at the end of the season five Tommy saw Grace talking to him standing next to her horse in a field. Tommy heard her say:

“The works all done Tommy. It is all done. We can walk away from all of this. It is so easy; it is so soft. It’s such a small change.”

While Thomas held a gun to his head and screamed, the season ended abruptly.

The director of the series, Anthony Byrne, reassured that the sixth season will pick up immediately from the season five cliffhanger. In that case, Grace is most likely to feature in the series. In talks with Digital Spy earlier this summer, Anthony said:

 “It picks up directly [from season five], the very first image you will see will be back in that field, with a gun to his [Tommy’s] head. I promise it will be worth the wait. It is given us a chance to go back through the scripts again and really kind of nail it, in a way that…I mean these scripts were so, so good, and now having more time you go ‘what about this or what about that’. And you go ‘s**t that’s a good idea.”

If Tommy decides to not pull the trigger and live. He will most likely continue to see Grace’s hallucinations unless he receives some help.

Thomas and Grace’s marriage

Grace’s relation with Thomas Shelby was troubled with twists and turns from the very start. It underwent heartbreak, treachery, love, and absence. Even after she is married to another man in season two, her romance with Tommy was far from over.

Consequently, Thomas and Grace get married in season three, but their love-story is short lived. Soon after she gives birth to Tommy’s son, she was assassinated by an Italian killer. By order of Vicente Changretta one fateful evening. Since the death of Tommy’s one true love he has taken care of their boy, Charles. While guilt ate away at him.