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Taylor Swift Fans Think She Just Outplayed Scooter Braun

Taylor Swift Fans Think She Just Outplayed Scooter Braun

Taylor Swift is always up to something. And just like the pop-star, her fans are never off the clock.

Recently, Taylor’s fans came across something that they had reason to believe was related to Taylor Swift’s beef with Scooter Braun. This started when Taylor dropped a cover of “Look What You Made Me Do” on social media. She credited the group “Jack Leopards & the Dolphin Club” for the new rendition. And revealed how “stoked” she was about it in the caption for the post.

But here comes the twist. It seems like the group Taylor credited the cover to, doesn’t exist. That’s right. There is no group called “Jack Leopards & the Dolphin Club.” And there’s more.

Taylor Swift’s name is mentioned as one of the composer lyricists along with Jack AntonoffRichard FairbrassFred Fairbrass and Rob Manzoli. These are the same people who are listed on the original song. Another thing the fans discovered is the name of the producer. “Nils Sjöberg” is the pseudonym Taylor Swift is known to use. She previously used it when she wrote the song, “This Is What You Came For” with now ex, Calvin Harris. It was a mystery until Taylor herself revealed she was behind the pseudonym. It was later seen on a tombstone in “Look What You Made Me Do.”

But the mystery still remains. If the group Taylor Swift is saying is providing the vocal doesn’t actually exist… then who is behind the vocals?

Who Sang The Cover Of Taylor Swift’s LWYMD?

Fans speculate it could be Taylor’s brother, Austin Swift behind the vocals. Earlier this year, news broke out that Taylor asked Phoebe Waller-Bridge if her younger brother could sing for the show’s soundtrack. It was also reported by the New York Post that Taylor’s younger brother used the name “The Dolphin Club.” He was also spotted with his sister and Antonoff at the studio late last year. As all the clues point to Austin Swift, it might be him behind the song too.

But Why Do Taylor’s Fans Think She Outplayed Scooter?

The fact that Taylor made up a fake band to give credit to made all the fans think about the lengths she would go to take a jab at Scooter Braun.

“Taylor made up a whole band called ‘Jack Leopards and The Dolphin club’ consisting of herself, Austin Swift and Jack Antonoff to cover ‘LWYMMD,’ which is sung by Austin, partly produced by Taylor herself to not let Scooter gain a single cent from the it? TAYLOR SWIFT IS A GENIUS,” one fan tweeted.

“So you’re telling me that Taylor Swift produced a new ‘LWYMMD’ cover under non-existent bands called ‘Jack Leopards’ and ‘The Dolphin Club’ so Scooter wouldn’t get any coins from her art??” another follower wrote. “DO NOT MESS WITH THIS WOMAN. I REPEAT. DO NOT MESS WITH THIS WOMAN. HER MIND [IS FIRE].”