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Steven Crowder humiliated at surprise debate with Sam Seder set up by Ethan Klein

Conservative commentator Steven Crowder was recently humiliated at surprise debate with Sam Seder which was set up by Ethan Klein.

Conservative commentator Steven Crowder has had a pretty rough week as social media and the internet are dunking on him. Crowder was recently deceived into a debate with left-leaning political commentator Sam Seder. The debate was so humiliating for Crowder that his name started trending on Twitter. The debate ended with Crowder feeling the debate with Seder which was organized by Ethan Klein of the H3H3 productions.

Seder is the host of the Majority Report, a YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers. Whereas, Crowder’s YouTube channel has over 5.5 million subscribers, and he is often criticized for his racist commentary and COVID-19 misinformation. Back in 2018, Crowder did not show up for a debate scheduled between him and Seder at a political conference.

In the past, Crowder has faced multiple punishments for violation of YouTube’s policies. For instance, in June 2019 YouTube temporarily demonetized his channel for homophobic harassment. Later in March of this year, he released a video mocking a COVID-19 relief bill for Black farmers, calling the plan “reparations” for “colored farmers”. YouTube then later removed his video for COVID-19 misinformation.

Ethan Klein invited Steven Crowder for a debate but also included Sam Seder as a surprise

Steven Crowder humiliated at surprise debate with Sam Seder set up by Ethan Klein

In March, Crowder mocked Klein for saying that “you shouldn’t think about” what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “tells you what to do” and that people should just blindly follow the agency’s guidelines. A couple of months later, Klein responded to Crowder’s remarks, which triggered a back-and-forth that culminated in Crowder inviting Klein onto his show for a debate.

The Zoom debate finally happened on June 22nd, but with a bit of surprise. Klein brought on Crowder with the impression that they’d be debating CDC policies and Big-tech censorship. However, he also brought on Sam Seder into the debate. When Seder appeared, Crowder mockingly remarked:

Oh no, it’s Sam Seder! What a f***ing nightmare! I had no idea this was going to happen

15 minutes into the interview, Crowder left the debate. Klein himself described Crowder as “one of the most hateful, bigoted people” on YouTube. And once the debate went on air, its clips went viral on Twitter.

Steven Crowder

Reactions on social media

Fans were hyped to see the debate happen, and when Klein published the video, Twitter users began mocking Steven Crowder for running away from the debate. Left-leaning users were eager to share memes and also noticed how Crowder became visibly rattled upon Seder’s arrival in the debate. Furthermore, they noticed how Crowder also admitted to monitoring Sam Seder’s show, despite mocking how Seder had a minuscule audience compared to his. Here are some of the most prominent tweets:

However, conservative influencers were not as pleased by Klein, with Tim Pool and Lauren Chen calling Klein “pathetic” and the debate a “drama”. Steven Crowder himself shared his Twitter DMs with Klein, where Crowder specifically asked him for there to be “no tricks, no zags”. Meanwhile, he also showed an apparent email from Crowder’s dad Darrin, sent to an H3H3 producer writing, “we never play ‘Gotcha’ with these things and would expect the same”. What do you think of this entire episode? Let us know in the comments below.