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Spider-Man Has Left The MCU Because of Sony, not Tom Holland

Tom Holland you should have never said that it was okay if Spider-Man could be gay. Now see what you’ve done! We’re just kidding….. Unless. Besides, before pointing fingers at who’s at fault here, let us just break your heart first. Spider-Man is no longer a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Sony Terminates Disney’s Rights Over Spider-Man

Yes, you’ve read that right. Spider-Man is no longer part of the MCU because Marvel Studios will no longer produce any more Spider-Man movies. This is because of the fallout between Sony and Disney at reaching new terms. According to Deadline, this fallout was due to this:

an inability by Disney and Sony Pictures to reach new terms that would have given the former a co-financing stake going forward.

You guys don’t have to worry though. The next two projects concerning our beloved spidey will go on as scheduled, it’s just that they won’t be produced by Marvel.

The Real Reason Behind The Fall Out Between Disney And Sony

Disney seems to have requested all potential Spider-Man projects to be a 50/50 co-financing agreement between Marvel and Sony, but the latter has declined. Instead, Sony suggested leaving the present agreement intact. This means that Marvel would continue to receive roughly 5% of the first dollar gross while preserving the merchandising rights that Disney refused.

The Fans Are Furious and Have Taken To Twitter

Currently, both Sony and Spider-man are trending worldwide on Twitter. All the MCU fans are crying and cursing. Here are some of the reactions.

Yes, Tom Holland stays or we all go.

Let’s hope it doesn’t end up as it did for Andrew Garfield.

We all get played in the end.

They did not have to do him this dirty.

If you guys want to watch all the Spider-Man movies in order, then you can get some help from the link down below.

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