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SARMS Ban 2020 | You’re Going to Pay More Now!

Your favorite ‘steroid alternative’ might be labeled as a Class 3 drug soon and its possession is going to be a felony. SARMs Ban 2020 will see your go-to bodybuilding supplement go completely underground and the prices will go way up.

What is SARMs Ban 2020?

SARMs Ban 2020 will not be imposed immediately but at some point next year it might. The restriction will basically limit the availability of this compound and its users will not be able to buy SARMs easily.

One major consequence of this will be an increase in price. It will follow the simple rules of supply and demand.

While it’s partially legal, there is a constant supply available which keeps the price to low. As soon as this regulation kicks in, the supply will fall drastically low. The demand, however, will remain the same and that will encourage the suppliers to charge whatever they want.

I’m afraid I have grave news. Recent regulatory changes in China have resulted in the ban of hundreds of compounds. SARMs is going out of stock overnight. Vendors that have them in stock will gradually go out of stock and then these compounds will cease to be available. To provide some background, over the last 12 months China has been banning, regulating and enforcing existing regulations against substances deemed regulatory priorities.

In the summer the CCP turned its red gaze to metabolic and cognitive enhancing substances and the production of some products began to halt The USA has long lamented China’s laissez faire regulation of chemical products.

There is not much available on the subject right now. Dankanator will update you on the possible Ban.