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Sam Claflin & Lily Collins Sad That ‘Love Rosie’ Is Leaving Netflix

Amidst many popular shows leaving Netflix in July, fans will be saying goodbye to Love Rosie which makes stars Lily Collins and Sam Claflin sad.

While fans loved the new additions to Netflix this month, its not as happy as it seems. We also have to bid farewell to many of our favorites leaving Netflix this July. Amidst the many movies and shows exiting the streaming platform soon remains Pretty Little Liars, Good Will Hunting, there’s also Love Rosie. Following the news of the romcom leaving Netflix, stars Sam Claflin and Lily Collins have expressed sorrow.

Love Rosie Stars Sam Claflin and Lily Collins Can’t Believe the Movie is Leaving Netflix Soon

Once the list of programs leaving Netflix this July came out, fans were disappointed to see Love Rosie on it. But the movie still has some time as it exits the streaming service on July 6th together with Zodiac. 

The romcom star Lily Collins took to Instagram to share a picture from the movie where her character Rosie was staring into space with evident tears in her eyes. She expressed in the caption that she had similar feelings when she heard that the movie was leaving Netflix so soon.

While many fans grieved over the news in the comments, one particularly sad comment was made by star Sam Claflin. He plays the lead in Love Rosie. It seemed like he heard the news for the first time.

Claflin expressed his shock, and then even suggested the idea of beginning a petition right here to make sure that Netflix does not get rid of Love Rosie.

However, it seems like the streaming service will continue with its decision. But now we that still have a week before we bid farewell, let’s watch Love Rosie over and over again!