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Armie Hammer Cancelled After Posting a Certain Video

The internet is perhaps the most powerful thing right now. You say one word and the internet police comes to get you. Not literally though. Cancel culture is another thing that’s really big. The Call Me By Your Name star, Armie Hammer is the new celebrity that the internet has cancelled. Why? Well we’re here to tell you exactly that.

Armie Hammer Faces Severe Backlash After Posting a Video of His Son Sucking His Toe

Yes, you read that right. Yesterday the actor took to his Instagram to post a story. It was a video of his two year old son sucking his toe with a  caption: footfeetishonfleek. The internet however did not find the humor in it and has called it inappropriate, while also questioning how good of a parent the actor is.

The Internet Reacts

In a matter of a few hours Armie Hammer started trending worldwide and though some fans were speculating a casting news for the actors, turned out he had posted a very questionable video. Below are some of the tweets that capture the feelings we felt when we came across the video.

We couldn’t agree with this one more.

Armie Hammer’s Wife Responds

Though the actor himself has said nothing in his defense, his wife has come to save him from all the backlash. Armie Hammer’s wife Elizabeth Chambers took to her Instagram to clarify why her husband posted the video. In the response to Perez Hilton’s tweet about the video, Elizabeth replied,

Sharing the video on Instagram was def not the best move on [Armie]’s part, but I can assure you that our children’s safety and well-being is always our first priority.