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Ryan Reynolds Learns how to fix a zipper!

Ryan Reynolds learns an interesting zipper hack. 6 Underground shared a video on his Twitter account which got hilarious responses.

Blake Lively’s husband and Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds has finally found an incredible zipper hack. 6 Underground star is famous for his hilarious tweets and incredible sense of humor. Recently, he shared a very useful hack to fix the zippers.

Not only a prominent personality on social media, Ryan Reynolds is an outstanding actor.

In his career, he has given some of the most memorable performances. Although he started his acting career in 1991, Ryan Reynolds came in the spotlight after his film, Just Friends. After that, there was no looking back. Ryan Reynolds went ahead to work in films like Smokin’ Aces, The Proposal, X Men Origins: Wolverine, Buried and Green Lantern. Interestingly, Green Lantern was also the film which changed his life, as he met his wife, Blake Lively, on the film.

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After Deadpool, he became a permanent part of Marvel Entertainment.

Based on Marvel comics of the same name, Deadpool gave us a superhero we did not know we needed. While the traditional superheroes are selfless and overall good, Deadpool is smug, funny and says a lot of R-rated things. It seems that it was written and created for Ryan Reynolds specifically.

Recently, Reynolds shared an informative zipper hack on his Twitter.

In a post, he shared a video that showed an easy way to fix a broken zipper. All you need is a fork and voila, it’s done. According to Ryan Reynolds, he has waited his whole life for this.

In response, 6 Underground star got hysterical replies. Some of them are as follows:


This is not the first time when Reynolds shared a funny tweet. It has become his trademark and people love him for them. Hopefully, he will keep entertaining us on and off-screen for a long time.