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Ryan Gosling & Chris Pine Auditioned For Gilmore Girls

Ryan Gosling & Chris Pine Auditioned For Gilmore Girls

As you have already read from the title, we have some shocking news for Gilmore Girls fans. It is impossible to imagine Gilmore Girls in any other way than it is. All the actors play their characters so perfectly, it is hard not to think these parts were not written specifically for them. But of course, we all know the entire movie and TV show world does not operate like that. And if we talk about Gilmore Girls in particular, then you might be surprised to know the show had almost cast Ryan Gosling and Chris Pine.

Ryan Gosling On Gilmore Girls?

Ryan Gosling, the actor who everyone wishes was their boyfriend, could have been Rory Gilmore’s. He had auditioned for the part of some high school jock with a heart of gold. Ryan could easily have been “The One” for Rory. However, Ryan Gosling botched his audition pretty bad and never made it to the casting list.

According to behind-the-scenes information revealed by the casting director, Jami Rudofsky, Ryan was not a good fit for Gilmore Girls.

This information was revealed at the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival in the real-life Stars Hollow location in Washington Depot, CT. Jami revealed that the first time she saw Ryan audition was not for Gilmore Girls. He came in for “a very pretty teen drama” and did not impress her.

“I rolled my eyes because he was late, and he was blonde,” Jami said.

However, he quickly proved himself by his acting skills, as reported by Vulture. It was then Jami realized that his awkward entrance was him simply being in character. She then ended up casting him, however, for an independent film.

So when she worked at Gilmore Girls, she thought of him and asked him to come in for a small “football role.” However, somehow Ryan was not able to impress her this time and according to the casting director, “fell flat.” Other crew managers were shocked that Jami had ever seen potential in him.

And that is how Ryan was almost a part of Stars Hollow but not quite. However, I’m sure it was for the best. Otherwise, we never would have The Notebook or the Dean-Jess-Logan love triangle/debate.

Chris Pine Was Also Almost Cast On Gilmore Girls Too?

Now, besides Ryan Gosling, there was another young man who was almost a part of the iconic Gilmore Girls. However, he, like Ryan, did not make the cut.

This audition was secured for him by Chris Pine’s father, actor Robert Pine. It was his first professional audition. However, when asked about it by W Magazine, he could not remember what part he auditioned for.

“I dunno, maybe a boyfriend,” he said in the video for W Magazine. It is rumored that he auditioned for the younger version of Rory’s father, Christopher.