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Riz Ahmed Shares Heartfelt Thoughts About Winning Oscar For 'The Long Goodbye'

Riz Ahmed Shares Heartfelt Thoughts About Winning Oscar For ‘The Long Goodbye’

Riz Ahmed, a British-Pakistani actor, has been a part of the movies “Sound of Metal” and “Venom”. He received his first Oscar on the night of March 28th. He won the academy for his live-action short film co-written with Aneil Karia. Oscars is an addition to his already big awards list. Ahmed has also won an Emmy Award in 2017 for ‘Lead Actor in a Limited Series’ for “The Night of”.

‘The Long Goodbye’

Riz Ahmed and Aneil Karia wrote the thrilling script based on the reality of ‘Islamophobia’ and the intricacies of life British Muslims live under constant fear of getting killed or being abused. The British Pakistani is also a rapper, giving the audience heart-wrenching lyrics while a right-wing group opens gunfire at what was ‘a sweet family’ moment minutes ago. A wedding moment turns into bloodshed while Riz says stirring words infused with anger and many questions from the extremists. One of the verses goes like this:

My ancestors were Indian, but India was not for us/ My people built the West, we even gave the skinheads Swastikas/ Now everybody everywhere wants their country back/ If you want me back where I’m from bruv I need a map/ If everyone gets their sh*t back then that’s bless for us/ You only built a piece, but the rest was us.

Riz Ahmed Says that ‘Make The Things You Think You Should Not’

Riz Ahmed took to his Instagram and penned a heartwarming speech about winning at the Oscars 2022. He could not believe that out of all the films, ‘The Long Goodbye’ has won an Oscar. He captioned the post like this:

Confront your adversity, embrace it and share it-it will elevate you. That’s what we did with this film. We put our nightmares on screen and they turned into a dream. Thank you God for teaching me.

Furthermore, Riz Ahmed thanked director Aneil Karia and all others who have been a part of what is now an Oscar-winning short film ‘The Long Goodbye’. Riz is also the first Muslim to win an Oscar and he did it well with good Muslim representation in his short film.