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Kehlani’s new song ft. Justin Bieber “Up At Night” music review

American singer and songwriter, Kehlani, greatly known for their song ‘Can I’, has released a new masterpiece. Kehlani sang ‘Gangsta’, featured in the hit movie ‘ Suicide Squad’. They have also collaborated with pop stars on their song ‘wrong’ with Zayn Malik and ‘Get Me’ with Justin Bieber. Currently, Kehlani is teasing their new album ‘Blue Water Road’ and already have released two singles named ‘Altar’ and ‘Little Story’. For the third single, Kehlani chose their song with Canadian singer and international pop-star, Justin Bieber. ‘Up at Night’ is the name of the single. Following this, Kehlani also released their album’s release date which is April 29th. Their and Justin Bieber’s friendship and history of collaboration go way back.

Kehlani and Justin Bieber’s Collaborations

Justin and Kehlani’s first collaboration was an unreleased song ‘Future’. It stayed unreleased but was available on Sound Cloud. Secondly, Justin got Kehlani on his album ‘Changes’ for the song ‘Get Me’. Both artists love producing R&B music and nail it whenever they do a collaboration. The ‘Can I’ singer took to their Instagram recently to surprise fans with a new collaboration from their upcoming album ‘Blue Water Road’. Pop Wansel and Roget Chahayed have produced the song ‘Up at Night’. Writers of the song include Kehlani, Justin Bieber, Andrew Wansel, Anthony Clemens Jr., Daoud Anthony, DESTIN CONRAD, Nelli Hooper, Rosemarie Windross, Trevor Romeo and Roget Chahayed.

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Music Review

The song starts with a sweet flute in the beginning and Kehlani slowly initiates the first verse. The song gives a smooth up beat and a happy tone. The chorus goes ‘The thoughts of you keep me up all night’ and it has a significant repetition. It is a love song stressing on the importance of the lover in the life. In a statement, the singer described this song as:

It’s about having a healthily obsessed relationship. You’re telling someone ‘I love you so much it keeps me awake at night. I love what Justin did and its a fun one to dance to.

Additionally, Justin’s verse also carries the same happy and loving vibe that stays throughout the song and it ends with the same allure of the musical instrument towards the ending.