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Remember Disney Star Sterling Knight? This is what he's doing now!

Remember Disney Star Sterling Knight? This is what he’s doing now!

From Disney in the 2000s, one of the most memorable movies was Starstruck. The movie is about Jessica Olson (Danielle Campbell), a teenager who does not like girls swooning over star Christopher Wilde (Sterling Knight). So as fate plays it, the two have a chance meeting and end up on an adventure of a lifetime as their relationship hits bumps and whatnot between stardom and love. Since then, Sterling Knight has gone on to star alongside Demi Lovato in Sonny With A Chance. He’s recently done a reunion show with the co-stars from the Disney Show. The actor/singer melted heart when we sang ‘Hero’ in the movie.

Since their time on Disney, Sterling Knight’s co-stars have gone on to big roles. Danielle Campbell is best known for playing witch Davina Claire on the ‘The Vampire Diaries‘ spin-off, The Originals. Demi Lovato is a total babe with one of the most emotionally powerful voices in Hollywood. Chelsea Kane, who plays Alexis in Starstruck, went on to star in several of her own shows. You may recognize her from Baby Daddy role, Riley, or Stella from Disney’s Jonas. Meanwhile, what is Sterling Knight up to?

What Sterling Knight is doing in 2020

To start with, Sterling Knight is celebrating his 31st birthday this year. Feel old yet? The Disney star has not done any movie or TV show projects in a while. He rarely uploads on social media too. But, we do know he loves to spend his time with his siblings, Spencer Knight, and Scarlett Knight. Just before the COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2)  Pandemic, he was on a trip through South Asia with them. And it looks like they were having quite a bit of fun too!

Since his time on the screens, he has become quite a bit of a golf enthusiast, and last we heard, he was dating his girlfriend of 6 years, Ayla Kell. Sterling Knight also featured in the Odyssey Theatre’s ‘Be a Good Little Widow’ last year. We do miss seeing him on our screens though. We hope he plans on coming back for some projects soon.