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Prom is cancelled - Ellen asks followers to share their would've been dresses

Prom is cancelled – Ellen asks followers to share their would’ve been dresses

Not taking the current circumstances into account, it’s Prom season! Oh, the one night of your life you’ll remember forever. So many movies about the one special night when you transform into your own version of Cinderella. Who doesn’t love prom? Well, you’re in luck if you’re of the percentage that does not care for prom. Because just like everything else COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) has taken over, it has taken over Prom night. Prom is canceled. All the glamour, makeovers, and dates down the drain. And as high school students go about sitting at home with shattered dreams, Ellen DeGeneres, of The Ellen Show, is asking them to show off their “would’ve been” prom dresses.

Fans send their prom dresses to Ellen DeGeneres

On Monday, as the nationwide Prom night approaches, Ellen DeGeneres asks fans to show her what they would have worn. Not only that, but she shares a picture of her own dress from the ’80s. It is quite a unique piece if you ask me. Ellen surely was one for the style back in her day. Well, she still is. But boy were the fans ready for their prom! Here are a few of the fans posting their dresses. And let us tell you, they are WOW! You could definitely get some style inspirations off of these

Okay is it just me or does that dress have pockets? I am so down for that!

Nothing like a mother giving some love to her daughter. And it is so adorable the way she captions it!

The prom dress of my daughter’s dreams. Sobbing not because prom is canceled this year but because she looks like a million dollars in it.

This one follower of Ellen seems to be going all out. And where was she shopping? Everything about this is just, gorgeous!

Ooh, that is one classy suit jacket! We wonder what his date was supposed to be wearing.

Ellen DeGeneres’s feed is full of aunts, moms, juniors, and loved ones posting the prom dresses of students who are missing their prom because of the COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). Well, nothing is more important than health and safety at this time. Take care of yourselves, everyone!