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Post Malone shares some tea on the Jake Paul doxxing incident of 2017

Post Malone shares some tea on the Jake Paul doxxing incident of 2017

In a recent Steven’s “Wild Ride” podcast, the famous songwriter, singer and rapper opened up about reconnecting with Ethan Klein and the time Jake Paul doxed him in one of his vlogs. Post Malone’s started gaining fame in 2015. This was when he released his first album “White Iverson”. The same month, Republic Record, one of the biggest record companies, signed him.

Malone is one of the most famous singers in the entire world in 2021. He has many popular singles including “Rockstar”, “Circles” and “Better Now”. Post Malone really changed the music industry with his unique music and lyrics. Over 45 million people listen to his songs on Spotify monthly!

Post Malone talks about the time Jake Paul leaked his address online

Recently, Post Malone said on the interview that he is looking to reconnect with Ethan. Not only that, but he talked about how he and Jake Paul resolved matters after the latter leaked the singer’s address in a YouTube video.

The interview of Malone is trending on twitter and people have a a lot to say.

Has Post Malone forgiven Jake Paul?

During Malone’s interview, Steve-O asked him if he stills holds a grudge against Jake for what he did to Malone in 2017. Post Malone opened up about the incident and he revealed how he managed to resolve things with Jake.

What really happened in 2017 was that Post Malone ordered some merch from Jake Paul as a joke while on the H3H3 Podcast with Ethan Klein. Jake got his address from the order and delivered it personally to Post. He also filmed the entire scene for his blog and didn’t blur the house address. As a result, Post Malone’s house address was leaked to the world. Something that Post Malone definitely didn’t want.

When Steven-O asked Malone about the incident, he started laughing when he was asked if he had a grudge against Jake Paul. He then proceeded to say:

I think, Maybe this is how it happened? I am just sitting there, playing video games and someone knocks on the door. And I am like “Who the f**k is that?”. and I open the door. and turns out it’s Jake Paul with his f**king merch

Malone also said that he had a talk with Paul. He explained to him how that filming in his house without his permission and leaking the address to the public was not cool.

Jake Paul actually agreed with him and the two sorted things out.

“And you know, here’s the whole thing. I don’t know necessarily, but I had a talk with him and we talked about that whole thing. This was after the fact. And it was just like that isn’t cool. And [Jake Paul] was like “yeah, that wasn’t cool.” You know as of now, whatever the f**k is going on whatever. We’re on level grounds. I think he had the best intent at heart. OR just the best content!”

Post Malone also added that he also genuinely wanted to buy the merch because he thought the slogan was hilarious.