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Philadelphia Rapper Chynna Rogers Dead at 25, Cause of Death Revealed

Chynna Rogers death was confirmed by a family representative yesterday but did not comment on how she died. However, according to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, her cause of death is “accidental drug overdose”. The Philadelphia rapper talked about her drug addiction problems a few times.

In a statement, the family representative and manager John Miller sent a confirmation e-mail to HollywoodLife about the rapper’s passing away,

I can regrettably confirm Chynna has passed away today. She was deeply loved and will be sorely missed by the family.

The family rep did not share any details on how she died though. However, the latest statement by the PDPH has revealed the cause of death. Chynna Rogers death was a result of her drug addiction problem and she dies of an accidental drug overdose.

Chynna Rogers Drug Addiction problems

Late Philadelphia rapper and model has been rather open about her drug abuse and Opioids especially. She thinks when life gets tough, these drugs can come in handy and that’s one of the reasons she started using drugs. It was her coping mechanism.

I usually don’t express myself or get open about things until it’s in hindsight, and I’m not dealing with it anymore. That’s why I didn’t tell people that I was a drug addict until I got out of rehab.

In the same interview with Pitchfork Magazine, Chynna Rogers sheds light on the time when she was sober.

I didn’t want to be a statistic. I didn’t want to go out that way and people be like: ‘I told you so,’ or glamorize [drugs] because I don’t feel like that.

She was part of the A$AP Mob group lead by A$AP Yam. Steven Rodrigues aka A$AP Yam was an influential music personality and Chynna’s mentor throughout her career.

The model turned rapper released her last album, If I Die First, in late 2019. Chynna Rogers songs in If I Die First, consist of singles on the struggles in her life too. Other notable Chynna Rogers songs include Selfie, Glen Coco, and Razor. You can listen to her songs on Deezer and Soundcloud.

We don’t have more information on the cause of death at the moment.