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Chris Klemens tells his cringiest celebrity encounters

Chris Klemens is a 26-year-old American YouTuber, comedian, and photographer. On his YouTube channel, he uploads videos related to travel, comedy, and interviews with celebrities.

Chris Klemens’ worst celebrity encounters

On April 5, 2020, he decided to make use of the quarantine and record the worst-ever celebrity encounters that he had. As he has been live-streaming a lot lately and has got tons of requests to talk about worst encounters. So this is why he decided to make this video.

Ed Sheeran

Chris Klemens started off with the encounter he had with Ed Sheeran. In 2011, when he was in high school he went with his friends to attend Ed Sheeran’s concert. Ed wasn’t a big name back then and Chris Klemens was right near the stage and was screaming “YEAH” like crazy. He screamed this word so much so that when he went backstage to meet Ed Sheeran, he recognized Chris and signed the CD with “YEAH”.

Hillary Duff

The next one is about Hillary Duff. Chris happened to be her superfan and at a book signing asked her to kiss him on the cheek. So, Chris Klemens is for some reason very embarrassed by the fact that he asked for a kiss which he got by the way. He painted himself getting a kiss from Hillary in an art class as well. Now he runs into Hillary Duff very often while getting coffee and is constantly reminded of that embarrassing story.

Emma Watson

Watch Chris Klemens’s hilarious worst encounters below:

Chris Klemens