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Perrie Edwards From Little Mix Opens Up About Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues are universal. They’re serious issues which almost all of us deal with. Certainly, celebrities are no exception. We can never know what goes on in the minds of the people who seem so bright and happy on screen. We can never tell what they’re struggling with. And so, Perrie Edwards from Little Mix recently chose to tell her fans how she has been struggling with mental health issues herself.

Edwards Encourages Us To Vent

The 25 year-old songstress posted on Instagram with quite a lengthy caption. She first started off by talking about how it is healthy to vent. Edwards first talked about how she has been dealing with anxiety and panic attacks behind the veil of being a public figure. She further expands on how terrifying and crippling her anxiety made her feel when she first suffered through its effects. Edwards described it as feeling as if she was the only one going through it, as most of us would feel when having anxiety.

The vocalist then talks about her experience of her first panic attack. By describing it as a “heart attack” and “intense and overwhelming”, Perrie Edwards paints a scene for the fans as she described how this issue almost took over her entire life.

The Physical Attacks Are Gone But The Anxiety Lives On

Edwards describes how she has had a relationship with her mind solely for 25 years now. She felt as if she was in a prison created by herself. But after the singer discovered that she wasn’t the only one who went through it, she found the strength and the courage to fight through it all.

Near the end of this powerful post and caption, Perrie Edwards says how talking about your issues help you in relieving so much stress. And how it’s always better to surround yourselves with your loved ones.

She now hopes to avoid the triggers of her anxiety and fight the attacks. Hence, the singer has now restricted her time on social media. Those who suffer the same issues as Edwards would find her words to be very comforting and motivating.