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Parasite’s Oscar Win makes YouTuber Eugene Lee Yang Emotional!

Like many of us, Eugene Lee Yang is Extremely Happy about Parasite winning the Oscar for Best Picture. Check out his Heartfelt Reaction to Parasite's Big Achievement!

For all the criticism Oscars 2020 received due to lack of diversity, Parasite indeed served as a saving grace. The South Korean dark comedy film emerged as the Best Picture this past Sunday. Since then, many people have taken to social media to congratulate the team behind the Oscar-winning movie. YouTuber Eugene Lee Yang (The Try Guys and BuzzFeed fame) was one of those people!

Parasite wins the Best Picture Award!

Oscars 2020, the 92nd edition of the Academy Awards, took place this past weekend. Among movies like Ford v Ferrari, The Irishman, and 1917, Parasite came out on top.

Parasite, directed by Bong Joon-ho, is a dark comedy thriller film. It revolves around the topics of greed and class discrimination that are beautifully conveyed in the South Korean feature in question. On the road to the Oscars, 1917 surfaced as a clear favorite to grab the big one. However, the results were different!

Eugene Lee Yang’s Heartfelt Reaction to Parasite’s Oscar Win!

The YouTuber didn’t hold back emotions while congratulating the “Best Picture” of 2019. He took to Twitter and brought up how amazing he felt hearing his family’s native language on the big stage.

Eugene Lee Yang’s Rise to Stardom:

Yang became prominent after joining BuzzFeed, an internet media company, in 2013. His impressive work ethic and story-telling skills encouraged BuzzFeed to hand him creative control so he could experiment with new ideas.

The following year, BuzzFeed introduced The Try Guys and roped in Yang to play a core part in it. As per the format, the team had to try crazy and entertaining challenges. In the summer of 2018, The Try Guys team announced their departure from BuzzFeed.

How honest did you find Yang’s reaction to Parasite’s win? Are you down to see more Foreign-language films take home the Best Picture Award, as one did at Oscars 2020? Let us know!