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Owen Benjamin Gets Slammed By Mike Drucker Over Holocaust Jokes

Note: No links have been provided owing to the obnoxious nature of the YouTube video

Anti-Semitic and fanatical Jew hater Owen Benjamin is under the scanner for ignorantly mocking the Holocaust in a YouTube video. Benjamin’s tasteless humor has attracted extensive wrath from all over the globe, and comedians are despising him for failing comedy as a genre.

Recently, American stand-up Mike Drucker has denounced the self-proclaimed comedian following his offensive lampoon. Drucker’s tweet was met with overwhelming support as several YouTube stars also coincided with the idea that Benjamin had brought disgrace to the YouTube community as a whole.

Mike Drucker Slams Owen Benjamin For Obnoxious, Anti- Semitic Jokes

Recently, Owen Benjamin became a subject of public hate when he uploaded a hurtfully discriminatory video about the Holocaust. Soon afterwards, Benjamin adopted the topic as the main flavor for his videos and memes. This rendered contempt in the Jewish community, who took to social media to confront Benjamin over his ignorant jokes.

Now, the full frontal with Samantha Bee writer, Mike Drucker has also tweeted against Benjamin.

Drucker wrote,

“As a comedian, you have to make career goals. For instance, getting a good tape, booking colleges, and not becoming an alt-right YouTube comic. Something you did just because you didn’t get cast as the fourth lead in a sitcom once. And it somehow means the entire system is out to get you.”

While, Drucker refrained from taking any names, Twitteratti immediately picked up that he was talking about Owen Benjamin. Mike Drucker still insisted that he meant the tweet to be a general message for all alt-right YouTube comics.

Alt-Right Conservatives Accuse Mike Drucker Of Spreading Hate

While Mike Drucker found support from several YouTubers over his condemnation of alt-right comedy, a few separatists accused Drucker of spreading public hate. A person even went out to state that Mike Drucker was against ‘Blue Collar American Values’.

Owen Benjamin Continues To Receive Hate For Alt-Right Views

This is; however, not the first time that people are responding to Benjamins’ comedy with wrath. Previously too, there has been criticism of his conservative social and political views.  Scheduled shows of his have been cancelled and he has been suspended from Twitter for this behavior, which has included accusing Jesse Thorn of being a “child molester” for having a transgender child and satirically advocating for the return of slavery to enslave Shaun King. Benjamin has used crowdfunded money to rent the venues for his shows.