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Now That Mindy Kaling Is Obsessed With Veronica Mars, Its Reboot Is In A ‘Good Place’

The new formula for TV production is, binge-watch to make a binge. And since Mindy Kaling is working on a coming-of-the-age-comedy for Netflix, she is following the thumb rule religiously. It is a shame that Mindy Kaling was denied off all those amazingly curious bold teen dramas in her youth. I mean, just think of the number of amazing Mindy Kaling teen shows we could have already had.

Nevertheless, the upcoming teen dramas aren’t any less exciting. In fact, it is not just Mindy Kaling’s show. But there are also several other youth-centric projects like Hulu’s Kristen Bell starrer Veronica Mars reboot in the pipeline. It has us just as thrilled as we are for Mindy Kaling’s comedy. Coincidentally, Mindy Kaling is taking cues from the original Veronica Mars for the development of her Netflix project. This makes us even more excited for Mindy’s new show.

Mindy Kaling Working On A Coming-Of-The-Age-Comedy For Netflix

In a recent Instagram post, Mindy Kaling announced that she is developing a new coming-of-the-age-comedy for Netflix. In the same post, she also talked about how her parents had never allowed her to watch Teen soap operas. And now she has been watching multiple dramas to get a better grasp over taste and flavors of teen presentations on TV.

Veronica Mars Becomes The Frame Of Reference

A few shows have left an impact on Kaling, and she has posted about them on literally every social media platform possible. CW’s teen noir mystery drama, Veronica Mars, is one of Mindy’s favourite teen TV pick. Mindy’s thoughts about the show have; in fact, been acknowledged by her own fans, and Mars clearly happens to be one drama that will have its ghost in what Mindy is about to dish out for Netflix.

Talking about the Kristen Bell starrer, Kaling wrote,

“Just a great mystery story”.

She later added,

“Kristen Bell is incomparable as Veronica Mars”.

Kaling is a die-hard mystery fan, and the strict feminist tone of Veronica Mars only adds to its merits.

In response to the public shout-out by Mindy Kaling, the team working for the revival of Veronica Mars paid their gratitude. The Veronica Mars reboot, which will soon arrive at Hulu, is one of the most anticipated TV shows of the year. And if the revival happens to be anywhere close to its source material, it will surely redefine what ‘teen mystery’ means for American TV.

The Veronica Mars Reboot Is Also A Big Fan Of The Mindy Project

While thanking Mindy for her heartfelt appreciation, the reboot’s social media handle also expressed their love for Mindy’s knockout comedy The Mindy Project. The love continued as common fandoms validated Kaling’s view of Veronica Mars. A fan even narrated her case where she got her parents addicted to Veronica Mars in a hilariously obsessive way.

When Will The Veronica Mars Reboot Be Out

The Veronica Mars reboot will arrive at Hulu sometime later this year. Mars was infamously cancelled back in 2007 under mysterious circumstances after its 3rd season. Now Hulu has struck an agreement with Warner Bros, which has led the streamer to acquire full rights of the show and its 2014 feature film. The Veronica Mars reboot will consist of 8 episodes and it will also mark the return of a few Mars’ major players aside from Kristen Bell. A proper premiere date is; however, yet to be announced.