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Only Ryan Reynolds Could Promote Himself In A Samsung QLED Ad

Only Ryan Reynolds can multi-task in a way that he integrates three brands into one 30 second-spot commercial. That too, with impeccable humor and grace that leaves you impressed. It’s not a simple task to place an ad within an ad within an ad-more like an ‘adception’. But the ‘Deadpool’ star surely has the grace to do so with ease. His recent ad for Samsung is a genius subliminal ad for a Samsung QLED tv, his latest Netflix movie: 6 Underground and his own brand of alcoholic beverage, ‘Aviation Gin’.

Ryan Reynolds + Samsung QLED + 6 Underground + Aviation Gin

The ad starts with ‘Deadpool’ star Ryan Reynolds standing in front of a giant Samsung QLED tv-screen with his latest Netflix film 6 Underground trailer playing on it.

He says, “My new movie 6 Underground is so huge, you’re gonna wanna watch it on a bigger, better, Samsung QLED TV.” Suddenly the trailer is cut by an ad for ‘Aviation Gin’ and Ryan, seemingly surprised looks and says “Oh…how did that get there?” while the ad at the back goes on with the tagline”…the world’s fastest-growing gin, don’t you want your mouth to like you”.

Ryan Reynolds stands there with his naughty smile when the Director says “Cut!”. She runs in and says, “Hey, why is your Aviation Gin ad playing?” With a sheepish grin, he answers, “I bought mid-roll ad placement” To this, the director replies, “You bought an ad for your gin within an ad for your movie within an ad for Samsung.”

“Yes-it felt like the right thing to do,” says the Deadpool star with an innocent smile. This is followed by an “Okay. We’re gonna make that work” from the director.

Self-aware advertising

This type of ad is a classic example of self-aware advertising. In fact, these advertisements are to-the-point, natural and don’t try to cover up the fact that they’re trying to increase sales. In fact, the trend has grown this year and is gaining popularity as it saves time. It is a more honest tactic for increasingly aware consumers.

This also reflects a ‘meta’ approach which is a hybrid form of advertising. Here, the advertiser advertises for another advertisement.

In fact, this meta ad combined with humor to advertise Samsung (plus movie plus gin) was produced and created by New York-based Australian creatives Toby Kennedy and Jordy Molloy, And Ryan Reynolds perfectly fits it!

The production credits are as under:

  • Director / DP: Bryan Rowland
  • Producer: Alec Eskander
  • Production Company: Maximum Effort Productions and Escape Velocity Content