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Where Is The One Tree Hill Cast Now?

For many of us, One Tree Hill gave us a family, memories, love, and life-lessons, all at the same time. The CW show premiered in 2003 and after 9 seasons, ended in 2013. What a beautiful journey it was. It gave us characters that we connected to so deeply. Like Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) and Nathan Scott (James Lafferty), Hailey James (Bethany Joy Lenz), Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) and Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton.)

Sophia Bush aka Brooke Davis

Remember Brooke Davis, played flawlessly by Sophia Bush? The most lovable character on One Tree Hill who transformed from a naive highschooler into a successful fashion designer and then a mommy. She also went through the greatest heartbreaks and hurdles, yet came out stronger and kinder. Oh, B Davis, we still love you so much!

Well, where is the beautiful actress now?

We have good news for ‘This Is Us’ fans as Sophia Bush is going to play a role in Season 4 of the tv series. And it will be more than just an appearance in one episode this time.

Bush is also working on ‘Love, Simon’ an upcoming Disney+ series. She also has an awesome podcast called ‘Work In Progress’ which has candid, inspiring and personal conversations with the actress and many different guests.

In her free time, Sophia Bush works towards the betterment of girl’s education and helping the environment.

And currently, our lovely is in Paris.

James Lafferty aka Nathan Scott

Nathan Scott. The bad boy who turned into the sweetest husband and father, and pro-NBA player. He was the backbone of One Tree Hill with his strong character, his charm, and his inspiring story.

Well, James Lafferty is not just Nathan Scott anymore. He has a lot on his sleeve these days. Earlier, he had a lead role in the film ‘Waffle Street’ and also appeared in ‘Underground.’

Well, as of now, he has been up to something super fun and interesting with One Tree Hill co-star Stephen Colletti. The two are creating and Lafferty is directing an independent comedy series called ‘Everyone Is Doing Great.’ The two won the best comedy writers at the SeriesFest. And currently, they’re working on the second episode of the series set to release very soon.

And most recently, the handsome actor was seen in Mexico.

Bethany Joy Lenz aka Hailey Scott

The smart and exceptional student, wife and mother- Hailey Scott was played by Bethany Joy Lenz. Her passion and journey to music while getting married young in the show was an inspiration for many.

Well, our favorite, Bethany is currently raising a cute little human and we can tell how good she is at it. I mean, wasn’t Hailey Scott #mothergoals already?

Apart from that, she had a recurring character in five episodes on Dexter in 2013. She also appeared in two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

Chad Michael Murray aka Lucas Scott

Lucas Scott, the younger Scott brother. One Tree Hill would not be the same without him because his character set the plot in motion. His dad abandoned him and he grew up with a single mom, his relationship with Dan Scott over the years, his love-triangle with Brooke and Peyton, his book, and so much more.

After playing the role of Lucas Scott, Chad Michael Murray went on to star in  Chosen, Texas Rising, and Agent Carter. He even worked in films like A Cinderella Story, Freaky Friday, The Haunting in Connecticut 2, A Madea Christmas, Left Behind, Outlaws and Angels and Camp Cold Brook. He also appeared in Netflix’s Riverdale.

Chad also wrote two published novels, Everlast and American Drifter: An Exhilarating Tale of Love and Murder.

He is currently married and has two adorable son.

Hilarie Burton aka Peyton Sawyer

Peyton Sawyer played by Hilarie Burton was the angsty, sad, and misfit teenager who loved music and art. She was someone relatable. Her struggles with losing a mother,  drug use and then illness made her one of the characters you wept for. But she had her happy ending so we were happy.

In 2017, Hilarie Burton made headlines when she accused actor Benn Affleck of groping her. Affleck responded and apologized publicly for it:

Well, Hilarie Burton also had her happy ever after. She is currently married to actor Jefferey Dean Morgan and has two beautiful kids.

So that’s what been going on with the One Tree Hill gang over the years. It is so refreshing to see the beautiful and content faces of Sophia Bush, James Lafferty, Chad Michael Murray, Hilarie Burton, and Bethany Joy Lenz. Yes, they still feel like family to us OTH lovers.