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Noah Schnapp takes online quizes about himself

Noah Schnapp takes online quizzes about himself

On his YouTube channel, the adorable Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things uploaded a video being all cool and casual.

Noah Schnapp quizzes himself

During quarantine, many people are trying out new things to keep themselves occupied. Noah Schnapp takes things up a notch and tries out something different. So on his laptop, he looked for quizzes online that tell how good your knowledge about the star is. So the first quiz he takes asked about his name, birth city, and twin’s name which he obviously knew. For his crush, he had to choose between Kate Upton and Zendaya. He went with Zendaya and shipped Noah X Roblox. His test result came out as 9/10.

In the next quiz, he was bummed as he got 8/10. Some basic questions later the quiz asked if Noah Schnapp was in the angry birds movie and which category did he get an award in the teen choice awards. Because he knows himself and is literally quizzing himself, he claimed that this quiz is wrong as he wasn’t in the angry birds movie and the category was Drama TV actor.
Next, he decided to take the quiz which told if Noah Schnapp would date him. After answering basic questions, he chose his personality as crazy, funny, bossy, and sarcastic. In case of a fight he’d start crying and in case of a date would make the first move. He got a score of 4/10 on this quiz.