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Noah Beck flirts with Dixie D’Amelio non-stop in her awkward vlog

Dixie D’Amelio started off her “The Early Late Show Starring Dixie D’Amelio” as a joke a few weeks back. However, it is turning out to be a permanent thing now. So far, she has had her family, and Addison Rae as her guests. However, she brought the tea in Episode 3. You might have thought she would skip this guest, and she might have thought the same after shooting the vlog as well. But one thing we know about her, she never wastes a recorded vlog. Dixie brought Noah Beck as guest on the show. And things got really awkward really quick. No wonder the tabloids would be asking Griffin Johnson a lot of questions after it.

The questioning begins

The episode starts off with Charli D’Amelio announcing the host for the night, Dixie D’Amelio, of course. Noah Beck takes over the hot seat soon and the awkward questioning begins. The first question was about Noah “lying about free ride to Yale”. He replied with a clarification that he never lied about Yale. They offered him an academic scholarship, but they do not offer athletic so he didn’t go for it.

The next blow was on the allegation that Noah Beck contours his abs. He said that he never knew about contouring until people started commenting it on her posts. And he does not contour his abs. However, when Dixie D’Amelio asked him if he uses abs stimulator, he said he does it everyday. He was recently canceled for promoting a “scam” product.

And right after that, Dixie D’Amelio went off with the tough questioning. She asked Noah Beck to rank Sway Boys from most-favorite to least-favorite. Noah got very awkward at that moment. He tried his level best to come out of the situation, unaffected. But Dixie kept pushing him to answer. So, he said that there is no least favorite Sway Boy for him. However, if he had to take names for most-favorite he’d say Bryce Hall and Blake Gray because he lives with them.

After the answer, Marc D’Amelio, Dixie’s father, suggests Noah Beck to take over the host seat and ask questions from Dixie.

Noah Beck flirts with Dixie D’Amelio for 8 minutes straight…seriously

Initially, Noah Beck acted like he is asking questions from the questionnaire Dixie prepared for him. The first question from Noah to Dixie D’Amelio was about her dream boy, and he asked her not to describe him. Dixie clapped back by saying that she was not going to describe him as her dream boy.

just good personality, funny

Noah started adding more features to her answer:

around 6 foot, tan, brown hair, hazel eyes

And Dixie said, “No”. Ouch! that was only the beginning of the flirting session and Dixie D’Amelio trying to come out of it. The next question was about Dixie’s favorite part in her latest music video for Be Happy remix. He was probably hoping that she’d say it was the “kiss” for her. But, Dixie said that “it was the alone parts for her”.

Noah Beck, being him, did not let that answer hurt him. He asked next question about the kiss and why she chose him. And Dixie said it was because she did not want to kiss a random guy for the scene. So she decided to kiss Noah instead, who “was” a friend to her. Noah emphasized the “was” part, touched her hand and said:

yeah! we are no longer friends.

And Dixie was “ew”ing at the reaction. But she also made Noah Beck realize that the part he played in the video was supposed to be her past, her ex-boyfriend. That means Noah was playing Griffin Johnson in the video.

She then trapped herself by suggesting that they should do a lie detector test. And then started saying that she would never be able to do that. Noah Beck asked her what was she hiding. She left the question unanswered.

Noah Beck asks out Dixie D’Amelio for a date

Loving the role of the host, Noah Beck kept hitting Dixie D’Amelio with all the awkward questions he could think of. He asked her what their next dating spot would be, and she said they don’t date. Noah asked Dixie that if he asked her out for a date, what would she say. And Dixie said, “No”. In fact, Noah straight away asked her:

what can I do to make you mine?

And Dixie D’Amelio could not stop herself from laughing. blushing and getting embarrassed with this line of questioning, at the same time. She asked Noah to stop it. But he did not give up, at all.

Next, Noah asked her why was she blushing. And where would she want to go on a vacation with him. Dixie picked Bahamas. And Noah highlighted the question again that it would just be him and her. Dixie said that she could go on vacations with her friends. Noah Beck was friend-zoned again. But he didn’t give up at all.

Shading Griffin Johnson & talking about the “kiss”

Noah Beck then took a jab at Griffin Johnson, by asking Dixie D’Amelio what does it take to get an allowance. Throughout his relationship, Griffin often said that he got allowance from Dixie. She said that she wouldn’t answer that question.

Noah upped the game by asking her “permission” to share “everything” in an interview set with The Hollywood Fix. Dixie questioned him back by asking him what does he mean by everything. All they did was a kiss in the music video. Noah suggested that they have kissed outside of the music video as well. Dixie D’Amelio said it was just to prepare for the music video. Noah said that they kissed after the shoot as well. And she was surprised by the statement. She clarified that Noah is making things up.

Dixie D’Amelio fires back

Dixie asked Noah Beck why is he close friends with his friend’s ex. Noah said that he is close to Addison Rae, Nessa Barrett and Madison as well. However, Dixie was not accepting the answer and kept shading him.

Noah Beck’s last question was another suggestive one, about how many kids Dixie wanted in future. Dixie initially said none, but then Noah reminded her that they have already talked about it. So she said that she wants 2, but she’ll adopt both of them. Throughout the video Noah Beck gave those looks to Dixie. And Dixie kept blushing. At the end of video, Noah tried to kiss Dixie’s hand. Check out the full video here to see if he succeeded.