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NikkieTutorials Makes Cameo in Euphoria Season 2

It seems that NikkieTutorials is expanding her horizon and trying her hands on new mediums. Recently, her fans got a pleasant surprise when she made a cameo in the second season of Euphoria. As expected, they were happy and excited for her. At the end of last year, she made a video with Adele and made her own dream come true. During the video, the makeup guru worked her magic and interviewed the singer.


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Although NikkieTutorials began her YouTube journey in 2008, she gained popularity in 2015 for her makeup skills.

According to Nikkie de Jager of NikkieTutorials, she got inspired by Lauren Conrad of The Hills. After that, she started recreating tutorials from YouTube. That’s how her journey began, and she started getting subscribers on her own YouTube channel. However, her video, Power of Makeup, made her a star. Since then, NikkieTutorials have collaborated with OFRA Cosmetics and Maybelline. She has also collaborated with Lady Gaga to promote her makeup line, Haus Laboratories. In 2020, de Jager became goodwill ambassador for the UN.


Last year, she collaborated with Adele and interviewed the singer.

For those who follow NikkieTutorials, it is no secret that she is a massive fan of Adele. Therefore, her fans rejoiced when she announced her collaboration with the singer. The makeup guru said she was extremely nervous about the experience and did not want to mess it up. Therefore, she relied on her trusted Power of Makeup trend. Throughout the video, Adele and NikkieTutorials talked about makeup, relationships, her singing career, and fame. While Adele is famous for her eyeliner, she admitted that she is no expert in makeup. After the collaboration, the makeup artist shared her own thoughts about the experience in a separate video. Needless to say, it was a dream come true for her.


Recently, NikkieTutorials made a cameo in season 2 of Euphoria.

Although she is a massive star already, NikkieTutorials stunned her fans with a secret cameo in Euphoria. During the show’s second season, people noticed that the makeup artist came on the screen for a short while. In the scene, Katherine Hernandez, played by Barbie Ferreria, is lying on the bed and watching a video on her laptop. The video is a makeup tutorial by none other than NikkieTutorials. Shortly after her cameo, her fans expressed their excitement and happiness for her on social media.


With this cameo, we hope that NikkieTutorials will soon make her acting debut. It would not be a surprise at all as she truly is a talent powerhouse.