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Nessa Barrett defends Chase Hudson on Josh Richards’ Podcast

Josh Richards started BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy a few weeks back. Dave is an American internet celebrity and founder of Barstool Sports. He also interviewed President Donald Trump this year. And as per Dave, he wasn’t that nervous at the time of interviewing the President. In fact, he claims he was more nervous interviewing Josh Richards’s ex-girlfriend Nessa Barrett as compared to the President. That happened, Nessa appeared for the latest episode of their BFFs podcast. And this episode comes two weeks after Chase Hudson and Nessa’s fans canceled Dave Portnoy.

Nessa Barrett defends Chase Hudson on BFFs Podcast

Recap from the first episode of BFFs podcast, Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards shared their views on Chase Hudson’s fashion style. Dave does not like it at all and Josh pretty much agreed to everything Dave said. Dave Portnoy also shared that he thinks Nessa Barrett “used” Josh Richards for clout.

Nessa’s fans were not happy with how Dave portrayed her. They were also calling out Josh Richards for not defending Nessa while Dave was talking against her. Fast forward to episode 3 of BFFs podcast, Nessa Barrett spoke her mind and heart and she was not fazed by Dave Portnoy or Josh Richards.

Trying to ask Nessa Barrett making out with Chase Hudson, Dave Portnoy added his views on Lil Huddy’s fashion.

There was this controversy you made out with Lil Huddy, and his fashion sucks.

Josh Richards took Dave’s side and said:

Dave does not f*ck with his fashion.

Nessa Barrett clapped back at both Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards. She defended Chase Hudson’s signature fashion style:

That is so rude. I think it’s dope. I’m sorry but I think it’s dope.

Dave could not believe that Nessa would defend Chase Hudson and she’d like his style. Nessa continued:

it’s different, it’s dope.

Discussing the kiss

Josh Richards had to be the moderator at the time and he clarified to Dave that people really like Chase’s style because it’s a thing these days. Dave, on the other hand, called out Josh Richards for changing his statement just because Nessa was sitting there. In fact, Dave also added that Josh Richards does not like Chase Hudson at all because he made out with Josh’s ex-girlfriend Nessa Barrett.

In response, Josh said:

Of course, I wouldn’t be besties with f*ckin, or BFFs with Chase again. Like, that’s obvious. But, I just feel like he knows it. I don’t need to keep digging at him.

Nessa Barrett was uncomfortable with the discussion and she asked Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy to stop discussing what happened and move on. Nessa said:

I think it was a stupid situation and people took it too far.

Comparing who was famous first, Josh Richards or Nessa Barrett

After Nessa Barrett drew the line when it came to discussing Chase Hudson, Dave Portnoy started questioning her about her relationship with Josh Richards. Dave asked Nessa who was famous first, her or Josh. And Nessa answered honestly by saying that Josh was famous first. Dave tried to use it to justify his statement after which Nessa’s fans came for him. Nessa said that it was not about who was famous first, it was Dave using the term “used Josh for clout” that hurt her fans.

Dave Portnoy told Nessa that he did not remember using that term. He also kept calling them out for not looking like “platonic friends”.

Nessa on not finding Dave & Josh funny, and defending Chase Hudson again

During the podcast, Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards also asked Nessa Barrett if she saw the meme they made on Nessa Barrett and Chase Hudson. Nessa said that she did not find it funny. Both Dave and Josh kept forcing her to agree to the meme and laugh with them. Nessa said that the time when Josh showed her the meme, she did not find it funny back then as well.

It’s you beating up my fans and beating up Chase, that’s not funny.

And this time, Nessa Barrett clapped back hard because she did not like Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards bringing Chase’s dressing style into discussion again.

In fact, Nessa directly shaded Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy for their own dressing style:

He does not wear sweatshirt, and like, sweatpants every day. YOU DO.

Josh Richards forced Nessa Barrett to be on the podcast

Dave Portnoy was probably expecting more tea spilling from Nessa Barrett. Including her dissing Sway Boys and the boys she hate. Nessa said that she does not hate anyone and she was not going to do it on the podcast as well. Her resistance led Dave to ask her whether she wanted to be on the podcast or not. Nessa, being direct, told him that Josh Richards forced her to be on the podcast.

Nessa Barrett confirmed that Josh had been texting her non-stop for many days and he even tried emotionally blackmailing her so she decided to show up. Dave started to dig deep and figure out the relationship Josh & Nessa, or Jessa, have.

There is one thing for sure. If Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett start to date again, Dave Portnoy would be leading the “I knew it” parade.