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Mike Majlak announces breakup with girlfriend Lana Rhoades

We never thought this day would come when Mike Majlak would be announcing his breakup with his girlfriend Lana Rhoades. We all loved seeing these love birds together in The Night Shift. A lot of fans were thinking that Mike’s latest Vlog ‘we broke up’ is a clickbait title to garner some extra attention from the fans. But sadly, both Mike and Lana just couldn’t make it work.

I don’t know if you guys remember the whole Lana x Mike drama which happened around the 6th of October. When a video started circulating on the internet in which Bryce Hall was spotted getting a little touchy with Lana. And the whole thing was recorded by a celebrity photographer who later posted it on his social media.

Though it seems very obvious in the video that Bryce is really really drunk. And Lana clearly doesn’t know Bryce is getting a little touchy because she was in the same drunken state. Meanwhile, a lot of fans started tagging Mike in those videos and he got really upset with Bryce. Anyways, long story short, everything was going alright between Mike and Lana after the Bryce Hall drama.

But now we think things have taken a drastic change once again as Mike just announced the news of his breakup with his girlfriend Lana.

Mike Majlak gives details on his breakup with his girlfriend Lana Rhoades

All the Lana & Mike fans are really sad about this sudden breakup news. While some of the fans think they already saw it coming because both Lana and Mike had a very on-and-off-going relationship.

They started dating at the beginning of this year. And since then there have been a lot of cheating rumors circulating on the internet related to them.

Anyways, Mike just posted a vlog on his Youtube channel with the title ‘we broke up‘. And a lot of fans were thinking that Mike has definitely used a clickbait title to gain some extra attention from followers. But sadly, Mike and Lana have actually parted ways for the better.

Some of you might not know that Lana’s actual name is Amara Maple. And fans who are blaming her for the breakup, need to see Mike’s vlog ASAP to know the actual reason behind their breakup.

“Long story short, I just haven’t been happy and neither is she. It’s been making me be unhappy to see her unhappy. It was eating at me every day to know that not only was I spending time with someone who I didn’t think was going to be my partner in life but also that I was wasting her time. And that I was continuing to lead her towards this idea that we are gonna have this magical life together.”

There is more to the story

Mike further mentioned that his ten-month relationship with Lana was the only relationship he had in the past 10 years. Which made him realize that he really can be in a loyal relationship with one person. But what he can’t do is see himself settling down with someone.

On the other hand, Lana really wanted the opposite. She wanted to settle in and start a family with Mike. But Mike didn’t want the same. So Lana asked him to tell people that it was actually his decision to end the relationship because he was the one who didn’t want to have a linear relationship.

Anyway, let’s just hope and pray that these two manage to stay in the good books of each other. Last but not the least, we are really going to miss Lana’s presence in Mike’s vlogs.