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MrBeast and Joe Rogan Say TikTok Spies on Them

We all know that MrBeast is always up to something. And the YouTuber and philanthropist recently made headlines by starting real-life Squid Games! With over 91 million subscribers and billions of views, MrBeast certainly has a huge audience.

Mr Beast and Joe Rogan on JRE
Mr.Beast and Joe Rogan on JRE. Source: YouTube screenshot

On the other hand, Joe Rogan always manages to get on quite a few nerves. The UFC commentator and host of the controversial podcast The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) make millions off of baseless arguments. And he is still in the midst of fans petitioning to take his podcast off-air. And his spreading fake news about the COVID pandemic and racist comments are the reason for the backlash. On 7 March, MrBeast and Joe Rogan did an episode of JRE together. And they concluded TikTok is a bit sketchy…

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MrBeast and Joe Rogan break down TikTok

While breaking down his success on YouTube, MrBeast and Joe Rogan talk about other platforms. And of course, this conversation brings up TikTok. And MrBeast reveals that only 1-2% of his effort goes into TikTok. The rest is all YouTube. And Joe Rogan reveals he thought about joining TikTok, but he finds it very sketchy:

“I guess at a certain point in time I should step in and do something on TikTok. But TikTok is such a sketchy f***ing application.”

MrBeast and Joe Rogan lay into an in-depth conversation about how TikTok appears to be spying on them all the time! And MrBeast even said TikTok listens to our conversations and shows content accordingly!

“I have had instances where I would say certain things in conversations and then later that night I would get in my feed something similar,” he explained. “Like if I talk about dogs a lot and then weirdly start getting TikToks about dogs. I have noticed that kind of stuff.“

Joe Rogan told MrBeast how TikTok software code can access pretty much every part of our phones. And this includes other platforms as well:

“[TikTok is] the single most disturbing piece of software they’ve ever had to engineer, the amount of cross-platform spying it does.”

Is this just another unpopular opinion peddled for views? Or do these claims hold some weight? Let us know what you think down in the comments!