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Mod Sun, Machine Gun Kelly and Lil Huddy Collab for something big

Mod Sun, Machine Gun Kelly and Lil Huddy Collab for something big

So I was just going through my Instagram and found out that Machine Gun Kelly is collaborating with Mod Sun and Lil Huddy for something interesting. Some of you might not know that Machine Gun Kelly’s newly released album ‘Tickets to My Downfall’ just hit the #1 spot on Billboard. And MGK was so excited about hitting the #1 spot on Billboard for the very first time that he not only smashed a cake on a random car. But he also broke the windshield of Mod Sun’s super expensive Mercedes G Wagon. Umm, guess Mod Sun has a lot of patience in him because he was just smiling and driving.

Well, it’s not the first time that he is doing something like this. Kelly also sneaked off from a theatre roof with Megan Fox. So we can just say that she is the yin to his yang. Megan also made an appearance in MGK’s Drunk Face‘s official music video.

Machine Gun Kelly, Mod Sun, and Lil Huddy join hands for something musical

Though we really don’t know how Chase Hudson aka Lil Huddy met Machine Gun Kelly. But it seems like they have made a very special bond in a couple of days.

We were kind of aware that Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun are filming something for a couple of days. But we didn’t know that Lil Huddy is going to be a part of it too.

Kelly also shared the news on his Instagram and shared how excited he is for this music video.

“Final day. that’s a wrap. it’s a musical. my first time directing. i’m ot saying anything more.’

Though this musical movie is untitled, Machine Gun Kelly has dropped a big hint in the description with the hashtag of his newly released album. Oh, and there is a wheelchair in the background and Mod & Huddy are wearing pink gowns.

So it could be a music video of one of his songs from ‘Tickets To My Downfall.’ Mod Sun also showed his excitement in an Instagram story working with Lil Huddy for the musical.

“hey, everybody right here. This is one of my new best friends for life. I believe in this kid’s following. I cannot wait to see the kind of art that we just did.”

We all cannot wait to watch whatever these three amazingly talented guys have filmed. Let us know what you think about Lil Huddy’s appearance in the music video?