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Meet 'Stupid Steff', An 18 year old influencer who wants Girls To Be Themselves

Meet ‘Stupid Steff’, An 18 year old influencer who wants Girls To Be Themselves

Stupid Steff is an up-and-coming social media influencer that wants girls to know that they should not be afraid to show who they really are. She wants everyone to be true to themselves in a world that is constantly trying to tear them down.

Steff shared that she wants her social media content to reflect that:

The videos have a lot of content that is very real, where I’m laughing at myself, embarrassing myself. We should be able to laugh at ourselves in a healthy confident way, to ultimately have that confidence. Just being real, core confidence in yourself without makeup. Admiring yourself for who you are without filters. We should show our true selves.

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Instagram | Stupid Steff

While Steff started posting funny videos on YouTube and TikTok, she shifted to Instagram because she got more followers and engagement there. With about eighteen thousand followers, the influencer is bound to make her mark in the industry. She also prefers posting shorter videos rather than longer content because it’s more comfortable for her.

That is why my brand is “Stupid Steff, laughing at myself every day” to voice the idea of having enough confidence and enough self-love to be able to laugh at the things we do wrong and to laugh at ourselves but too still have that confidence.

Getting candid, Stephanie explained that she is not a big fan of school:

School is not my favorite thing in the world. I’m focused on my career. I want to take it to the next level so I don’t have to be in college.

Moreover, she also has some big inspiration to look up to. Steff names Emma Chamberlain as one of her biggest role models

The ‘Cancelled’ host and Emma Chamberlain are known to be authentic and speak their minds online on social media. This is something that Stephanie wants to do as well, saying that they’re both “genuine in their own ways.” A fact that many of their fans can attest to.

Steff is passionate about encouraging everyone to be themselves, to be able to pursue what they want, and act in a way that makes them most comfortable. She explained the story behind that conclusion:

Everyone should be themselves, I was bullied in high school by people very close to me. For saying I wanna be a social media star. For me looking up to influencers like Emma Chamberlain. People would always knock me down, and mock me. Now, they’re the ones that are coming to me because now I’m a social media influencer.

Steff shares that people are always going to try and change you but the only voice you should listen to is yourself:

You have to do you. With social media today girls in specific take themselves too seriously, they don’t allow themselves to embrace the negatives such as getting rejected by a boy, breaking out, positively laughing at themselves.

While Steff doesn’t like to be political, she doesn’t believe that every political belief should be black and white:

The political views should only make sense to the ones who have it.

We can expect more content from Steff, with her being even more accurate than before, and we’ll get personal stories about her life where she talks about bullies and dealing with peer pressure. She’s here to break the social media norms so that a healthy message is preached to young girls. So, expect more content in her PJs because that’s what you’ll get from the authentic ‘Stupid Steff’.