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Why Is Madison Beer Taking A Break From TikTok App?

Why Is Madison Beer Taking A Break From TikTok App?

American singer Madison Beer has had enough of TikTok and we might not be seeing her back in the foreseeable future. The singer announced on the weekend that she is taking a break from the application due to the “hate and negativity” she experienced in the past days. In one of her last videos, she wrote the caption that all the negative energy coming from viewers was draining her, something that happens every time she uses the app.

Madison Beer Is Tired Of Seeing Hateful Comments In TikTok

Singer Madison Beer posted a series of messages to explain why she is leaving TikTok. According to the star she has been seeing very hateful and means comments on girls dance videos that appear on her feed. People making fun of those girls show up on her screen, showing her the dark side of TikTok.

“I just want this app to change and I want people to realize how much their words can impact others. I know it won’t. But I can hope”

Madison Beer reiterated her love for TikTok and wanting to stay there. However, “this horrible behavior should’ve never been normalized”.

A few days after her initial statement, Madison Beer went live on TikTok to discuss this situation further. However, this time she announced that she would rather be taking a break than go away forever.

“I made a statement saying that I was going to be done with TikTok and I’m going off TikTok and that’s not necessarily true. I basically just said that I need to take a break from posting maybe.”

For now, Beer has been staying true to her words – it has been weeks since she appeared on TikTok. While she is on a break to rest her mind for a while, can the haters stop showering negativity wherever they go? It is quite possible that they cannot, unfortunately.