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Logan Paul Joins Flat Earth Society?

What Logan Said Attended the Conference

Logan Paul isn’t something you’d expect to make sense. So, him joining the Flat Earth society isn’t shocking. But, let’s explore if the news has any merit or not.

In the conference video, Logan Paul made a speech declaring himself as a Flat Earther. Logan Paul attended the second conference in Denver where conspiracy theorists implore the scientific origins of the earth. He says that he wants to know the real truth about the origins of Earth. He mentioned how receptive the society was and he’s hopeful that he’ll find some real truth.

“I consider myself a man of truth, someone who hates being ignorant. I guess I’m not ashamed to say my name is Logan Paul and I think I’m coming out of the Flat Earth closet,”

Someone who’s famously known to be ignorant finally wants to change paths it seems. Or does he?

Truth About Logan Paul Joining Flat Earth Society

So, Logan Paul joins the Flat Earth society just because he wants to inquire more about the Earth and is really adamant on discovering the truth? Well, no. In The Daily Beast interview, Logan Paul gave a strong impression that he doesn’t really believe that the Earth is Flat. Despite, the society having an unwavering belief in Logan’s sincerity, it isn’t the real case.

So, why is Logan Paul declaring himself a Flat Earther then? It could be to gain some relevancy on YouTube, especially when all attention went to his younger brother Jake Paul thanks to Shane Dawson’s docuseries on him.

Or it may just be to get some cash from the Flat Earth Society by endorsing it? It could be mutually beneficial for both parties. The Society will definitely get some of Logan Paul’s followers to check their society out and possibly follow them. Likewise, Flat Earthers might subscribe to his channel.

Stranger things have certainly happened when it comes to Logan Paul so this doesn’t shock anyone. But let’s see how the mutually beneficial business partnership fares in the future.