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Did You Know Justin Bieber Played a Villain on CSI?

Did You Know Justin Bieber Played a Villain on CSI?

Justin Bieber, the 24-year-old Canadian singer and songwriter, has exercised his talents in various fields. As the first artist to have seven songs from his debut record chart up the Billboard Hot 100, Bieber has carved for himself a distinctive niche. Fans know Bieber for a lot of reasons. These range from his hit tracks like Baby, What Do You Mean, Sorry, etc., to his highly publicized affair and eventual breakup with celebrity pop star Selena Gomez.

Then finally, he got married to Hailey Baldwin! Fans do not know that Bieber has also performed in another capacity, which won him great critical acclaim several years ago. Do you want to know what that is? Bieber starred in his debut TV show as a villain and even received an award for the same.

Justin Bieber Was Teen Choice Awards’ Best TV Villain

In 2011, The Teen Choice Awards 2011 pronounced Justin Bieber as its Choice TV: Villain. Bieber won the award for his spectacular evil performance of a troubled yet sly teenager in the CBS crime drama series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.  Bieber portrayed the role of the vicious Jason McCann on the TV show. McCann was a serial killer and bomber who deceived people through his charming ‘the boy next door looks’.

Justin Bieber As Jason McCann On CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

McCann’s foster father had kindled their hatred for the government and all security agencies. And following his arrest, McCann developed severe psychological issues. Justin Bieber had a masterful presence on the show during its eleventh season. His character frames his brother for his own crimes before he gets him killed.

Later, Jason also kills his legal guardian. This is followed by a massacre that leads to 5 deaths and ten severe injuries. The police conjure up a setting to arrest Jason. However, he outwits them, and in the wake of a bomb scare, he shoots an officer on duty. A hail of bullets kills Jason on the 15th episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation season 11.

Hollywood Bigwigs That Have Appeared on CSI

Justin Bieber is not the only Hollywood celeb to star in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The show has also had guest stars over the years, including Bella Thorne, Zac Efron, Jeremy Renner, Ian Somerhalder, Gene Simmons, Eric Stonestreet, and even Kim Kardashian. CSI concluded its 15-season run back in 2015. Spanning more than 335 episodes, the crime drama was one of the most popular shows of its time.