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Logan Paul hints at a collaboration with KSI!

KSI and Logan Paul have been rivals for many years but despite their rivalry, it seems like KSI and Logan Paul might be collaborating soon. It is still unclear that whether the famous YouTubers Logan and KSI are on friendly terms or not given that KSI shared he would be the one to knock Paul out. But again, KSI congratulated Logan on his surprising stunt in April’s WWE event, stating that he was very happy for him. So people are unsure about the nature of the relationship between them.

How did Logan Paul and KSI’s beef started?

Logan Paul and KSI’s rivalry started in 2018 when KSI called out Jake Paul (Logan’s brother) after his boxing victory over Joe Weller, who is also a YouTuber. But instead, Logan accepted the offer. In August 2018, both of them touched gloves for the first time. The initial fight between them was a draw. After a year, two of them decided to settle this for good in a rematch. KSI won the match in a split decision ruling from the judges. Logan Paul was outraged because he felt that, that was an unfair point deduction. Over two years have passed, but the beef between them is still going on. It is just that beef got passed on from Logan to Jake as he is taking over in Logan’s stead.

Even though, both of the famous YouTubers have not really spoken to each other or have a friendly relationship. But it seems like a Collab might be happening between them.

Logan hints at a collaboration

On May 24, in an Instagram stream, a fan asked Logan if he will ever think of collaborating with KSI. To which Paul replied:

I got a little something on the horizon. Stay tuned.

For now, we can’t really tell what is going on between the two YouTubers. But we do know that some tea is definitely brewing between them. Many fans are excited about their collaboration, and so are we. We can’t wait to see Logan Paul and KSI’s collaboration after being on each other’s throats for years.

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