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Liam Payne Makes Gordon Ramsay Inspired Scrambled Eggs

Liam Payne Makes Gordon Ramsay Inspired Scrambled Eggs

Daddy Direction Liam Payne has spilled so many reunion secrets. We love him for he confirmed the One Direction Reunion. The entire world is now counting on him to get us all the details he can find. However, in a recent interview, after he jokes that Louis Tomlinson threatened to egg his house if he spills more, he has gone a bit quiet. But, we believe that there is more to his silence. However, in a recent attempt to keep his fans involved during the COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV2) Pandemic, Liam has started his own #StayHome and Chill #Withme series on YouTube. In the most recent episode, he cooks Gordon Ramsay inspired scrambled eggs.

Liam Payne Makes Gordon Ramsay inspired eggs for his #Stayhome and Chill #withme series.

During the video, Liam talks about how he is spending his Quarantine playing a lot of Fortnite and doing interviews. His series is typically just him talking about how his week went. He also shows fans his favorite video clips and funny stuff he finds on the internet. While responding to a fan’s tweet, Liam agrees to make scrambled eggs upon request. So, to make things interesting Liam Payne says talks about how Gordon Ramsay says that you can tell a lot about a man from the way he makes his eggs. Well, I think Liam is quite a simple fellow. His scrambled eggs are literally just Chives seasoned on top of eggs scrambled in butter.

Liam Payne Gordon Ramsay

Liam Payne also reveals that he met Gordon Ramsay in a Night Club back in Vegas. I mean, if that isn’t shocking. We just cannot picture the man partying. In other news, Liam Payne believes his house is haunted and wants to do one of those Ghost Hunters inspired videos. He also takes the time to congratulate former bandmate Zayn Malik on his baby with Gigi Hadid. With how interesting and interactive the series is, we cannot wait for the next episode.