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Ansel Elgort battling issues? - Calls Out Harry Styles' fan

Ansel Elgort battling issues? – Calls Out Harry Styles’ fan

Quarantine has really got us all sick by now. Well, we have been locked in for two months or more now. Though none of us want to actually go out and risk it, we cannot help but feel caged in. And probably one of the worst things about being in quarantine is the constant threat of anxiety and other mental health problems coming to rise. Being in Quarantine due to the COVID-19 CoronaVirus (SARS-CoV2) is starting to take its toll on everyone. Seems like Actor and Model, Ansel Elgort is no stranger to the case as in his recent tweet, he seems to be over everything and wants to delete himself, I mean, that would be a bummer if anything.

However, not all hope is lost as  in a minute of his tweet, he tweets;

Naw jk just somtimes

It seems like Ansel Elgort is trying to sort through some sadness as he also posted later;

you ever just write in the text bubble a big long harangue and then at the end u delete it cuz it don’t need to be said just felt good 2 write it? i shouudl probablly also delete this tweet but for this purpose im not

Ansel Elgort calls out Harry Styles’ fan tweet!

In other news, Ansel Elgort seems to find it absurd how some fans go crazy about the celebrities they like. Have a look at this tweet from the ‘Fault in Our Stars’ actor.

So, this fan is EXTREMELY dedicated to Harry Styles. He posts Harry stuff on his account every day. On May 7th, Ansel Elgort saw this person tweeting around 18000 times to tell Harry he loves him and wants him to follow him. While this may sound kind of obsessed, Ansel took it upon himself to call out the poor guy.

ppl r legitimately crazy on this app

We get that everyone has a right to speak their opinion but, Ansel Elgort did not have to be so direct.