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Lauv & BTS Finally Met: Iconic Moment of Music Industry

An iconic moment has happened in music history, the popular Kpop band BTS and Lauv have finally met. And yes, the internet has lost it. BTS is a wildly popular band originating in South Korea. Slowly, thanks to the internet, BTS has garnered a huge fan base around the world due to the unique positive messages in their songs. Now, they have met Lauv, an American singer who is successfully rising to fame.

BTS: Global Phenomena

BTS stands for Bantan Sonyeondan (roughly translated as Bulletproof Boy Scouts), or basically the Bangtan Boys. Starting in South Korea in 2013, this seven members’ boy band has become a major successful hit for the whole world. It consists of three rappers J-hope, SUGA, and RM. And four vocalists (Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook). Apart from their natural talents of unparalleled dance choreography and unique singing voices, BTS caught global fame because they tackled serious issues through their music.

From psychological issues such as depression and anxiety to social issues such as bullying and dealing with loss, BTS has become a positive force of music in the world. They highlight the flaws of society in a rather nuanced way which encourages a hopeful message of self-love and self-growth. In particular, they focused on how the education system burns out the students in a rather dangerous way. BTS has both Korean language albums (Dark & Wild, Wings, Love Yourself: Tear) and Japanese language (Wake Up, Youth, Face Yourself).

Moreover, they’ve recently made headlines by selling out the Wembley Stadium in the UK, a venue where Freddie Mercury performed his biggest hit.

Lauv Also Highlights Societal Flaws

Lauv, Ari Staprans Leff, is a singer who gained popularity after his song I Like Me Better peaked on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 27. The song even received platinum certifications in seven countries and gold certifications in 3. Shortly afterward, he started a music tour in the US. Later, he joined Ed Sheeran on his world tour before going on his own tour in 2018 I Met You When I Was 18. After collaborating with other notable singers such as Demi Lovato, Julia Micheal, and DJ Khaled, Lauv took a short break. Later, he revealed that he would be focusing more on mental health issues and released songs that are close to his heart, which led to his ‘How I’m Feeling’ album release and Asia tour.

Something that eventually led him to meet the BTS boys. Lauv’s songDrugs & the Internet’  highlights how modern society can make you feel disconnected from yourself and lead you to anxiety and depression.

BTS & Lauv Need To Collaborate

This mantra rings very close to what the BTS preach through their music. Both music sensations emphasize self-love and tackling one’s own emotions. Since society keeps telling us to kill our individual needs and wishes, a message that tells us to prioritize our own is indeed a useful one.

Perhaps, Lauv and BTS boys’ meeting was meant to happen. Now, we just need collaboration between the two.