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Lauv’s Drugs And The Internet Talks About Anxiety

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After much waiting, the fans have been given another catchy single “Drugs And The Internet”. The official music video is finally out. While observing Lauv in his signature new blue hair, we see him embody the soul of a drug addict. It seems as if the singer is entering into a new style of music melodies; unlike the mild sweet tunes of ‘I like me Better’.

Lauv had previously shared how he wanted to try out new things for music. Drugs And The Internet certainly proves that he has! Starting off as a simple gloomy tone accompanied with Lauv’s beautiful voice and a perfect piano tune, the song suddenly changes into beat filled tune that you will have on repeat!

Lyrics Highlight Mental Health in the Modern Age

The lyrics convey a unique message on their own as well!

“I don’t want to base my actions or reactions on the things they say / And I don’t want to hit delete on all the parts of me that they might hate.”

This chorus signifies the deep anxiety we often feel when we are in social situations. Sometimes, we are so adamant on being accepted into a social group that we try to alter parts of our selves. Hence, we “delete” parts of us that people do not approve of.

The chorus continues:

“I traded all my friends for drugs and the internet / Ah, shit.”

Since we cannot stay sane by constantly change ourselves to fit into a narrative by others, we end up dissociating from everyone. As a consequence, we ‘trade’ our friends for ‘drugs and the internet’. We cannot find acceptance from friends around us that we end up seeking it online through social media.

I sold my soul / And all I got Is likes from strangers Love on the internet / Drugs and the internet


We see a Lauv staring at a screen where another Lauv is trapped on his laptop screen. This is an identity crisis that most of us, especially celebrities have to deal with.

Check out the music video below:

Lauv Opens Up About The Song

Lauv stated that he felt a lot of emotions such as depression and emptiness in an allegedly social world of today.

“I wrote ‘Drugs & The Internet’ at a time I was struggling with feelings of extreme emptiness and depression. I wrote it as a sort of self-analysis for my obsession with the way I wanted present myself to the world — a commentary on the world we live today.”

Star of a New Era: Lauv Unfiltered

This is the first new single of the album “How I’m Feeling”. When he talked about this new single, Lauv shared that it was more of therapeutic experience for him as he just shared whatever was in his heart. We can expect more of Lauv’s raw emotions to be showcased in upcoming songs of the album “How I’m Feeling”.

Previously, we were given love-struck ballads. Now, we will see a whole another side of Lauv, and fans are certainly excited.

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