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Kylie Jenner & Scott Disick Are Back With Another Giveaway

The Beauty Queen, Kylie Jenner, is giving a chance to her 165M followers to win eight Gucci luxury bags + USD 35,000$. The 22-year-old beauty tycoon is once again teaming up with Scott Disick (owner of Curated businesses and Kourtney Kardashian’s ex). Jenner shared a picture on her Instagram (on Tuesday) in which she is sitting between a handful of Gucci bags. The same image stands deleted now.

Kylie Jenner x Scott Disick

Scott Disick shared the picture of the same giveaway on his personal and work profile. Kylie Jenner announced the worldwide giveaway through a picture of herself dressed in Denim, as she sits between the Luxury bags like a true Diva.

She captioned the giveaway post as:

Who wants to WIN $35,000 USD + All the luxury bags pictured here with me ?!! #ad Just like last time !

Well well !! this surely sounds super exciting.

The main sponsor behind the giveaway is Scott Disick, Kylie’s ex-brother-in-law (kind of). She is only promoting the giveaway for his marketing company, knows as, Curated Businesses.

Now here comes the difficult part. If you wanted to participate in the giveaway, you would follow Disick’s Instagram profile. And, that’s just not it.

You will also have to follow all the people he is following. And if you have a private profile, you will have to make it Public. So it probably takes 2 minutes if you had a good internet connection.

The next step was to go back on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Giveaway post and tell her who you would be sharing the prize with. Entries are closed now. While the results will be announced soon.

Previous giveaways

The Kardashians have also done giveaways for Curated Businesses in the past. Kylie Jenner has further mentioned in her Instagram post that :

The Sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, OR THE BRANDS in this picture. By entering, entrants must confirm that they are 18 + years of age.

She further mentions that the sweepstakes will be live on her page for only 48 hours. After that, the post is going to be archived.

The winner of the giveaway will be announced on Curatedbusinesses Instagram and website.

If you participated in the giveaway, best of luck for the results.