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Katy Perry Opens Up About Mental Health Issues And Depression

Katy Perry Opens Up About Mental Health Issues And Depression

Katy Perry (Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson) is one famous American bombshell celebrity. Moreover, critics call her a “full-on fantasy.” Besides a melodious voice, the fashion icon is renowned for her vibrant yet humorous displays. Katy, the queen of quirk, has even introduced food-related themes in the fashion world. Something no other celebrity has done to date. The bright star recently confessed about a not-so-merry stage in her life. She recently opened up about her own depression and mental health issue and even talked about how Dear Evan Hansen’s “Waving Through a Window” proved a remedy.

Katy Perry On Personal Mental Health Issues:

The full-on queen, Katy Perry, is recently facing uncontrollable psychological glitches and extreme depression. Recently, in an interview with the Australian show, ‘The Project,’ Katy revealed that she was once thinking about ending her life after her divorce from comedian Russell Brand. Perry also discussed her mental health issues openly as she believes that this will help her fans who are struggling with similar catastrophes.

Real Cause of Chronic Depression:

The gorgeous celebrity married Russell Brand on October 23rd, 2010. After 14 months of happy marital life, the couple filed for divorce. According to Perry, their busy schedules and Brand’s demand for kids led to the end of their relationship.

How Dear Evan Hansen’s ‘Waving Through a Window‘ became a survivor for Katy Perry:

In her phase of distress, the 2017 musical drama ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ deeply impressed Katy Perry. She saw the acclaimed movie in April 2017. The movie is an adaptation of a book by Steven Levenson.  Dear Evan Hansen is the story of a mentally depressed high-school boy.

In an expressive act, Evan sang “Waving Through the Window” to release his sorrow and loneliness. Both the song and the message filled some spirits in Perry. Katy Perry was so influenced by the topic that the vocalist eventually returned to watch Dear Evan Hansen again in October.

She later planned to cover it on the deluxe album. The pop singer has recently recorded a cover of “Waving Through a Window” for the new 20-track deluxe edition of Dear Evan Hansen. She has recorded the song to convey a consoling message for anxiety sufferers.

Katy has also now learned to transform her pain into positivity, as she remarks in an interview:

” … then comes along a song that speaks to you, that makes you feel like, ‘Gosh, I can get through this. If she can get through this, I can get through this.'”

She has written on her Social Media accounts.

“In my own life, I’ve struggled with depression, and like so many, always feeling alone in the battle of wanting to belong. That night, I was particularly struck by the song ‘Waving Through a Window,’ it was the embodiment of the mental isolation I sometimes fought.”

She also remarked that the tune will “continue the conversation on mental health and all its complexities.”