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Hillary Supporter Hugh Jackman Opens Up About Friendship With Ivanka Trump

Hugh Jackman’s association with Hillary Clinton is well- known. The Australian Actor had supported Hillary in the last presidential election. In fact, back in October 2016, Jackman had even performed on Broadway in support of Hillary Clinton. The actor was also recently seen convincing the United States to participate in the voting for midterm elections. In a recent interview, Jackman stated,

“Vote! I’m an Australian, so I don’t get to vote. But if you can, then you should vote.”

However, in a surprising turn of events, Hugh Jackman is now underfire. Why? Well because the predominant democrat was spotted with none other than the Republican president’s daughter Ivanka Trump herself.

Ivanka Trump And Jade Kushner At Hugh Jackman’s 50th

Hugh Jackman’s recent birthday party erupted into a big scandal because two people simply did not fit into his guest list. And they are none other than Ivana Trump and Jade Kushner’. Hugh Jackman’s deviated political course quite predictably raised several eyebrows. And angered fans are now demanding an explanation for this unexplainable, uncanny bond.

On October 12th, the X-men actor had celebrated his 50th birthday. He arranged his golden jubilee at the West Villages Urban Zen. Everything went fine at the party. But soon, as heads turned to watch  Donald Trump’s daughter and son in law grace the event, it breached the peace. Ivanka Trump and Jade Kushner made a starry entry at the birthday party, and Hugh Jackman had them well received.

A Friendship Beyond Politics

When Hughson fans inquired about this diplomatic behavior, the actor replied in a decent statement: “I’ve known those guys for 15 years,” he said, “and we don’t talk politics at birthday parties.” Hugh Jackman and Ivana Trump have known each other ever since 2010. They had even attended the baptism of Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng’s daughters, Grace and Chloe, in Jordan.

Upcoming Ventures

Currently, Hugh Jackman’s upcoming political drama ‘The Front Runner’ is making headlines. Jackman made it clear, at the New York premiere of the upcoming political saga ‘The Front Runner’,  that the president’s adviser and Jackman are good friends. He further commented that his friendship with them is far beyond their political limits.

In his upcoming movie Frontline, Jackman plays a political figure, Gary Hart. In the film, Gary is nominated for the presidential seat , until a sex scandal derails his campaign. If this makes you think about Brett Kavanaugh, well then we can only hope that this time the film delivers a more optimistic result than the result reality gave.