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#JusticeForJanise | A Mentally Disabled Teenager Was Attacked By A Girl Gang

A mentally disabled 15 years-old teenager Janise Harris was bullied and attacked by a girl gang while the bystanders kept laughing. Hashtag #JusticeforJanise went viral 2 days back on Twitter when a friend of Harris, Tyla (Twitter: D4MURE) shared the video on her Twitter handle. Now, social media is demanding justice for Janise. And police has finally started an investigation.

Janise Harris Attacked By A Girl Gang

Janise Harris is a 15-Years old girl with a mental disability that has been progressing after her mother’s death. She is living in Chicago. A couple of days back, she was attacked and bullied by a gang of teenager girls. They befriended her first, and then suddenly jumped on her walking on the side of a road. The whole scene was recorded and shared on Facebook by one of the attackers. Someone made a video of the whole Facebook story and sent it to Tyla. Though Tyla is just a normal citizen with a small account, she still tried her level best to get help in finding justice for Janise and #JusticeforJanise started trending on Twitter.

Few of the people started accusing Tyla for not helping Janise when she needed it the most. Tyla had to explain herself that she was not physically there when it happened.

I know it might be easy to blame me for not jumping in or helping her but I personally was not there, I was sent this video and all the information I have currently by a mutual friend, please, if I was there I promise I would’ve helped.

The Girl Gang Is Scared Of People Demanding #JusticeForJanise

As confirmed by Tyla, Janise needed help in walking to the redline and these girls offered to walk with her. But on the way to the redline, the girls attacked Janise and started punching her for supposedly calling the police on them. Janise has been in and out of hospitals and she also had therapist at school. After watching the video, Tyla succeeded in tracking one of the girls on Facebook and shared her profile as well. But the girl deactivated her account after she discovered she has been found.

Later, Tyla confirmed that the actual story might be different as reportedly Janise was asked to give a sexual favor which she denied. Janice’s sister also posted a tweet asking help for locating Janise as Janise was missing since the incident.

After the news went viral locally, the girl gang and the boys who accompanied them, started getting threats from many people.

Janise Is Found And Safe Now

Janise’s father filed a missing person report as he was unable to trace Janise as well. Janise was finally found by her family and she is safe now. We do not have details how she was found and where was she during the missing period. But we are glad she is fine.

No arrests have been made so far. However, it is confirmed that families of those girls have been contacted by the authorities. Hopefully, #JusticeforJanise will be served.