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Bathwater-Seller Belle Delphine Is Cancelled By Instagram

Belle Delphine is an infamous cosplayer and (ex-)Instagram model. Delphine had 4.5 million followers on her Instagram handle before Instagram canceled her. Yes, Belle Delphine is canceled by Instagram because her posts violated the rules. She gained a controversial following after becoming famous for selling her bathwater and trolling people with a Pornhub account.

Instagram Banned Belle Delphine

Belle Delphine was enjoying all the love and hate of her 4.5 million Instagram followers. Meanwhile, she was and is still using her Patreon and Snapchat for business purposes. Her lewd material earns her money through these channels.

Though it is unclear what picture forced Instagram to take stern action against her. Like, we know her posts were not really pornographic. They were provocative for sure. Many people have been flagging her Instagram profile and consequently, her account was taken down. Instagram spokespersons have confirmed that mass flagging can result in termination of account only if they find evidence of community guidelines violation.

Pornhub Account & Bathwater Business

Belle Delphine attracted criticism when she trolled her followers by creating a Pornhub account few days after teasing the followers with a possibility. Her fans were expecting real porn from her. Instead, she trolled them by posting 12 videos with porn-level titles but nothing porny inside the videos. She could be seen playing with roosters, water gun etc. And her fans did not like the joke.

Next, she started selling her bathwater. Belle Delphine started her online store belledelphinestore earlier this month. Her merch included mouse-pads, posters and her bathwater. She claimed to have bathed using that water prior to its packaging. The set price for bathwater was $30 and it sold out.

Belle Delphine has not commented on the Instagram ID termination yet. Maybe she will discus it on her Patreon soon.