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Jonathan Banks Joins F is for Family Season 4!

Jonathan Banks Joins F is for Family Season 4!

While quarantine is making everyone agitated in their homes, fans are awaiting the new season for F is for Family. The writers already confirmed that the show was going to be released in either April or March. So, it’s pretty soon that we’ll get to see F is for Family season 4. But not only that, we got another great news! Breaking Bad’s Jonathan Banks is going to join the show! For someone who is a fan of both shows, I’m too excited now.

Jonathan Banks will play Frank Murphy’s father

We were already expecting to see Frank Murphy’s father and see why he had such a messed up childhood. Apparently, his father did much more to mentally abuse his kid than Frank ever does to his kids. We see the snapshot of Frank Murphy’s childhood where he is being belittled by his grumpy father.

But, now in his adulthood, Big Bill Murphy has completely changed. It’s as if he has had a personality shift! He’s not angry anymore and in fact, he’s asking his son to smile more. Wait, what happened? How could this grouchy old man turn into an old sweet grandpa? We’ll definitely see how the story unfolded in F is for Family season 4. Might I say, Jonathan Banks did a splendid job voicing the character? The raspy old voice fits the aggressive side as well as the warm side of Big Bill Murphy.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming season:

Jonathan Banks

F is for Family season 4 coming VERY soon!

It’s habitual of Netflix to release trailers and teasers for shows coming just a few days later. So, it won’t be a long shot to think that F is For Family Season 4 is going to arrive any day now. We still have no exact date but it’s not going to too long now.

The show is created by Bill Burr and Michael Price. It shows the family of Frank Murphy (voiced by Bill Burr himself) in the 1970s. Things were, let’s just say, a bit different from what today is. It shows us a glimpse of what parenting was like and how parents coped with the mundane suburban life. Jonathan Banks will join a cast of Laura Dern, Justin Long, Haley Reinhart, Sam Rockwell, and Debi Derryberry.