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Deyjah Harris and father T.I. are mending their relationship

Deyjah Harris and father T.I. are mending their relationship

As far as daughter-father relationships go, rapper T.I. and daughter Deyjah’s is a pretty complicated one. The public got to know of this fractured relationship when they found out about the fact that T.I. has his daughter’s hymen checked yearly to ensure she was a virgin. After much backlash, T.I. clarified his statements and even apologized for them. But fans started worrying again when they speculated that a cryptic Instagram story seemed to imply that Deyjah Harris had been molested. Now, T.I.’s current wife Tiny Harris is revealing that the father and daughter are beginning to mend their relationship.

Deyjah Harris previously unfollowed her father T.I. when his virginity comments came to public light

When Deyjah’s virginity became something public, she unfollowed her father on social media. Having something so personal revealed to the internet is something that is hard to forgive after all. Though, T.I. did clarify his stance on the matter. He was only coming from a place of love and never wanted to hurt his daughter:

“I never said I was in any exam room. That is an assumption. That is a falsity. I never said it was being done the present day, as an 18-year-old. And I never said that her mother wasn’t present.

I am here to protect all of the children from themselves. Until they make it to a point where they have awareness, a sense of self and discernment to be able to make certain decisions on their own that will affect their lives indefinitely.”
T.I.’s wife Tiny Harris also backed up his statements. She further explained that the virginity tests only took place when Deyjah was approximately 15 or 16. Plus, T.I. was never inside the room and he didn’t make the appointments himself.

Moreover, when he first opened up his daughter’s virginity, he did not know why it wasn’t okay to talk about it publicly. But later on Red Table Talk, he understood how his words were taken the wrong way. Moreover, he is now more careful about the issue:

“I didn’t get it. I was oblivious to it. And I am now sensitive to it for her. When the No. 2 hit the fan and I hadn’t addressed it, at her request, I was taking the bullets. And I’m fine in the fire.”
At the time, it was quite clear why Deyjah Harris would want some space from her father and why she unfollowed him. But, now it seems like things might be taking a turn for the better.

Tiny Harris reveals that T.I. and Deyjah are talking more

T.I.’s wife promoted her reality show ‘T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle’ with an exclusive interview. In it, she mentioned how we are going to see T.I. deal with the issues with her daughter. In fact, it is one of the most talked-about issues in the whole season:

“You’re gonna see Tip going through some things with Deyjah. That is one of the biggest things our family had to deal with this season. It was a big deal.

Furthermore, Tiny shares some happy news with the fans. The relationship with the father-daughter duo is actually improving:

“Their relationship is definitely much better now because Deyjah is a very bright girl. Her dad just wants to love on her, so any time he’s around her, he just can’t stop loving on her. They’ve been doing really good.”

Moreover, T.I. and daughter Deyjah Harris are trying to understand each other more. They are having a lot of talks and are making an effort.

“There’s a lot of conversation. A lot of talking, a lot of back-and-forths trying to figure out where the biggest problem was. And, understanding how she feels, where he was coming from, and what he actually meant by whatever he said. There was no malicious ill intent in his reason for speaking on it. So, understanding that and her knowing that [helped] bridge the gap.”

Moreover, Tiny talked about how she and T.I. haven’t had the chance to see much of Deyjah due to the lockdown and quarantine. But the whole family is staying in touch and are on the road to mend things.